Tuesday, August 26, 2008

11-8-04 (Nepal)

-i'm not putting the whole day in. Just the parts i think are funny-

While i walked to the five story stupa, i bought 5 jeery [a sweet snack] and a pack of bonbons [another sweet snack] which i intend to nibble on while i read and write this. The bonbons i intend to nibble on, the jerry is already gone. Well...I didn't nibble on the bonbons as i intended. Instead, i ate them one after another. They were good though. Oh, i forgot to tell you that a bird pooped on me today. It hit my camera case. I've never been pooped on before. I just thought it was kind of funny.

Monday, August 25, 2008

11-5-04 (Nepal)

This is excerpt from my "travel log" that i kept while i was in Nepal in 2004.

So...Last night was interesting. I had this dream I was on the roof of an airport with, I think, Nichole and Jill. Anyway, we were up there near the edge and a plane crashed on the runway and Jill started freaking out and fell like 200ft. Anyway, later (we decided not to tell) somebody was asking about her and i got all distraught and went into a bathroom with no toilet. I started going (#1) into the sink and I finished, then i started going again, but for real this time. Luckily i stopped my self before it got out of hand. The damage was done and in the end, i ended up with a spot the size of 1/3 of this page [on the blanket that i wrap myself up with]. I am so embarrassed and only those closest to me will ever find out. [i ended up telling all of my friends, and now posted it on the world wide web]. When i woke up, i was like "oh my goodness, i wet the bed." I am 20 years old and i wet the bed. I blame it on the fact that my bowels haven't gotten used to Kathmandu time and i have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. So...There it is. I wet myself. I had to change my underwear and today, i decided to wash all my clothes myself. Oh, not only did it effect my underwear, but [it effected] my sweat pants and a small spot on my shirt down near the hem. I kept thinking that i must be dreaming but i wasn't. I am living my worst nightmare. Also, i decided to take a shower today, but will wait until it is warmer. What a wonderful day.

Well...Hope you enjoy. I think i'm going to pick out other instances in my other travel logs and post them. Let me know what you think

Friday, August 22, 2008

firefighting is so much fun

So, i'm sitting in Pond's Lodge in Island Park fighting fires. Well, how is that possible you ask? It's easy. Today, i fell asleep in the truck next to the helicopter and worked on my computer and what not. That's my job. I sit and wait for fires that never happen. Unfortunately, it's not like that all the time. Yesterday, i went hiking for about 11 hours and watched the fire and high mountain lakes. The day before that, i helped Ian pick grubs out of a log to use as bait for fishing. This is what i do. It's embarrassing.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm at school one week before it starts, sitting in the printing lab, trying to make myself not throw the computer through the window. I don't know if you could gather from the previous sentence that i hate printing, but, fyi, i hate printing. Not so much printing, but sitting there, surfing the web (which, incidentally, i do frequently at work), doing nothing, wasting away. I can feel my muscles atrophy. It's rather a terrible experience. I guess it's given me lots of time to clear up the money incident, which entailed me calling about 4 or 5 different people telling them my situation, and having them refer me to someone else. I heart America. I was supposed to go work today, cutting fat trees down, but i didn't, which turned out to be a good thing because i had so much sitting around i needed to do. My life is so exciting.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I just found out that some nerd used my debit card to purchase $300 worth of World of Warcraft whatever it is they buy. Luckily i was running over my purchases online and caught it. I've made some phone calls, canceled my card and will be dealing with all of this on Monday. So i guess i'll be stressing all weekend that this nerd knows where i live and might even be someone that i know.........MIKE. Just kidding, you're not a nerd. But seriously though, if this was you, i'll be fairly upset and might think about other living arrangements for you.

First Day of Blogging

This is the first thing i've ever written as far as blogs are concerned, and maybe even as far as written text is concerned as well, although i doubt either of those things would be concerned. I guess bloggers talk about what they did that day or chat about what happened to them. So, this is what i did today. I blogged. Actually, i showed to work. worked out a bit, then surfed the web. This blog might be the most boring blog on planet blog. blog. I guess i just barely decided that i'd like to have my own love talk show on the public access channel. I'm thinking about what i'd be able to get away with. Probably either not much because i live in idaho, or a lot because of the terrible time slot i'd have. We'll see. i'm not really motivated to do stuff like that, but i'd really like to. Oh, i heard a terrible joke yesterday, but i'd like to not blog it because it's terrible. That's it. I don't think this will be going on much longer unless my life begins to not be boring. Oh wait, i was on a fire the other day and got to call in some air tankers and what not. That was kind of not boring. We'll see.