Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm at school one week before it starts, sitting in the printing lab, trying to make myself not throw the computer through the window. I don't know if you could gather from the previous sentence that i hate printing, but, fyi, i hate printing. Not so much printing, but sitting there, surfing the web (which, incidentally, i do frequently at work), doing nothing, wasting away. I can feel my muscles atrophy. It's rather a terrible experience. I guess it's given me lots of time to clear up the money incident, which entailed me calling about 4 or 5 different people telling them my situation, and having them refer me to someone else. I heart America. I was supposed to go work today, cutting fat trees down, but i didn't, which turned out to be a good thing because i had so much sitting around i needed to do. My life is so exciting.


Ekaterina said...

matty this all makes you look much more pathetic than you actually are and quite frankly its a little upsetting. get with it, write a new poem or something. contribute rather than blahh. oh yeah, and i love you

Matthew said...


CurtisANDMindy said...

sounds like you are kind of bummed. you could always come up here and be my "manny"....the kids would love it and i'm sure you'd get all kinds of ladies phone numbers with all the playdates, and park days that I would send you too. sound fun? no. maybe you just better go to school then. i'd love to go back and take some classes so suck it up and enjoy it while you are there. college life is an experience unto itself.