Monday, September 22, 2008

Epic Lunch

Yesterday, we were called to a fire. I wasn't on the helicopter that day, so me and another co-worker drove the chase truck down to it. We were on our way down and were turned around because they decided not to put it out. We had eaten lunch on the go, so when we returned to the helibase, we decided to spend our lunch hour riding our motorcycles. We started up a trail near the helibase that quickly became much steeper and scarier than both of us had anticipated. After about an hour and ten minutes, both of us tipping our bikes over, and scary mountain side hills, we got to the top. We ended up calling back to the helibase to explain the situation, and made our way down a different road. Total elapsed time 1 hour 30 minutes. total time that i was paid for 30 minutes. It was actually pretty awesome. Probably won't do it again and i'm glad Travis was there to help me get my bike unstuck a couple times, but it was epic, so i won't complain.

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