Friday, October 31, 2008

12-22-06 (SE Asia)

I came early to find a good seat. I got up to go to the bathroom, went, was looking out the window and I got up to go back and a fat lazy man is sitting in my seat. I figured all my stuff next to it would throw him off, but nope. Now, it’s like a game. The next time he gets up to smoke I’m going to just go straight to it and sit in it. This boat ride isn’t as pleasant because the friendly Canadian is gone. He took the fast boat and I’m starting to think I should have. The man who took my seat is drinking now so I’ll mentally prepare for anything. It’s also quite unpleasant because it’s loud. Actually, I’m going to go and make it quite unpleasant and awkward for that homo. Since my bags are right there, I’m going to go hover./ I didn’t and he just got up but left his cigarettes on the chair. How juvenile. I guess I’ll be the bigger man, figuratively speaking./ So…I was laying in a reclining seat, no, a lawn chair that I found. I put my bag underneath it, got up to go to the bathroom, came back. THE SAME MAN IS LAYING IN MY LAWN CHAIR. I’m so amazed, I stand there, just looking at him, then looking at people, then looking at him. A couple people gave me this “I don’t know what to tell you shrug”. Oh well, I got my old seat back. It really is entertaining. I had a good laugh over it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

11-19-07 (China)

Well, I leave Guangzhou today and I must admit, I’m not too busted up. Hopefully Kunming holds something better in store. Lucky me, I have really bad diarrhoea (I had to look up diarrhoea because I didn’t know how to spell it.) Hopefully it’s my body saying I don’t remember eating this kind of food, let’s get it outta here. Hopefully./ I’m waiting at the train station. I’ve never been stared at more in my life. Openly gawking at me. This is going to be rough, I can already tell. I might have to stay awake the entire time. A helpful policeman practiced his English on me. It was very nice of him. Wow, still staring. I must look like sasquatch. Oh my gosh, I just saw the funniest/saddest thing. There were 4 escalators. 2 up, 2 down. This Chinese lady with a big bag and some weird bucket was standing at the bottom of the one going down, staring up it. There were other people going up the ones next to her, but I guess she didn’t realize. She stepped on the wrong one and started to try to go up, eyes wide [scrambling furiously] , until some guy told her to go up the other one. Oh my gosh, it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen./ So…it’s 4:45. Only 23:15 minutes to go…Gay. I might diorrhoea in my pants here pretty soon. I’ll fill you in what happens later. My butt’s asleep. ARGHHHHH. 23:13 minutes to go./

Sunday, October 26, 2008

12-16-06 (SE Asia)

The bus ride!!! Ah, such a wonderful invention….OF SATAN. Honestly, that may have been the most miserable I’ve ever been. Even worse than S-nold barking all night long. I’m more mature now so I can handle it, but I almost killed several people. First off, I was pissed about getting screwed over on the bus. It was supposed to be a tourist bus, but it wasn’t. It was filled with locals and their luggage and other items. Seriously filled. Top. Bottom. Middle. All full. I couldn’t keep my feet flat on the floor. They had to be turned one way or the other. The seat in front of me was smashed up against my knees. My camera took up all my lap space, and the nimrod on the right was basically in my lap. Not really, but he was always squishing me against the wall. I had to constantly keep pushing him away. Then he had the brass to put his water bottle on my side. I wanted to punch him in the face. I mean, he has short legs and he was in the isle all sprawled out (as much as he could, there were bags and crap filling up the isles), meanwhile, I’m squished in a little cube. AAARRRGGGHHHH. Anyway, I’m in Laos. Much more pleasant than north Nam. The people are much nicer. OH, they also segregate in Nam. They made all the foreigners sit in the back of the bus, which is the worst spot. When we were leaving [the country], they helped everyone else, then the foreigners. And the north Viets are the only people in this area that yell and are rude to foreigners that don’t deserve it. Laos is great so far. Gotta run. Later/ I’ve been hanging out in the dorm talking with Ziv, from Israel. Now I want to spend Christmas in Bethlehem at some point. We were chatting and he told me he’s been to see the Mormon temple in Jerusalem. “It’s very beautiful”. This is going to be like a testimony. When I was taking a break, I wasn’t happy. I’m much happier now. Ok, night.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm George Costanza

For a link to some of the funniest circumstances on the planet, click here. Warning: some of this stuff you won't find funny and might be offended. Enjoy :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

10-23-04 (Nepal)

Today (my pen just ran out of ink)... where do i start? I could talk about my sleepless freezing night, but i think i will start when i woke up around 6:30. I got all my things put away, went to the bathroom, then took all my stuff down to the patio where i read my book "The Divinci Code" while i sipped hot lemon and ate oat porridge. I finished and set off at 7:30. The first half was good. I stopped once to have some more hot lemon and chapatti bread while i read some more. I don't exactly remember when my right arch started hurting, but the last half of the journey took considerable longer then the first. I got to Deorali at about 5:15 and didn't make my goal of MBC (Machapuchare Base Camp) today although it will only take me about 5 hours to get to ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) tomorrow. I searched around Deorali for a room and didn't find anything. Finally, a man told me i could stay in "a dungeon" of a room that looked similar to the first one i stayed in. he looked around and said "50 rupees, don't tell anyone". I smiled at my 25 rs savings and went into the dining hall. Actually, i've been sitting here reading my book while i had some more hot lemon, fried noodles w/egg, and an apple roll. All were delicious. I read a little bit more, then started writing this. I can't wait for tomorrow to see the view of the mountains. The clouds move in [during] the afternoon so i didn't get to see them tonight. Nobody in the dining room speaks Enlglish... Some speak broken English, but it's not the same. It's kind of lonely up here. It would definitely be much better if i came back with [a girlfriend] and we took 6 days to do it instead of 3... next time. Ok, i just stepped outside and looked up... The clouds are gone and i see the outline of this massive mountain. It truly is a jaw dropping sight. I said "oh wow" out loud to myself. It is very beautiful.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

11-23-07 (China)

1 month left. I bought a train ticket to Chendu. I leave tomorrow. Over breakfast, I heard a Boys 2 Men song done by orchestra. Very weird. Picked up a book on superstring theory. Hopefully my brain will be fried. OH, I’m going to try out the hard sleeper. It was more than double the price. Better be worth it. It’s getting cold. I may have to purchase more clothes. We’ll see. I went to an internet cafĂ© because I wanted the lyrics to “Do I Disappoint you”, by Rufus Wainwright. I’ve been singing it a lot, but muttered some of the parts, anyway, kind of thought it was a love song until I red a line that used the words “crush you bloody skull”. I guess not. I’ll get the lyrics tomorrow. I was too shocked to write them down today. Oh, also, I had a religious discussion with Al. I guess it wasn’t a discussion, I explained that the FLDS were not part of our religion (he thought they were), then we talked about genealogy and baptisms for the dead./ I’m really frustrated with myself. I bought a pull over. That’s not why I’m frustrated. I think I look good in it and I wanted to show [girlfriend at the time] so I changed the format on my camera to small jpeg instead of large RAW. Anyway, I forgot to change it back and [when i went out shooting later] I got some really good shots, at least I liked them. Anyway I got a whole bunch of these shots and their crap because their in small format. Bah. I look good in the pull over though.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Running Fun

I went trail running yesterday evening. First mistake, don't run trails at night. It's bad for your health. Second mistake. don't run trails at night. It's bad for your health. So i had run up the trail for a while (i say a while because i don't really time myself. it makes it un-fun) and decided it was getting too dark so i turned around and made a speedy descent. Running fast along the trail, i ended up tripping on a root and flew through the air. At this point, you're thinking, oh my gosh, did he get hurt? Don't worry, nothing happened. my hands and face softened the impact and luckily it wasn't on any rocks. I got up, finished my run and when i returned home, i glanced in the mirror. "good hell", i thought. It looked like i had returned from a war zone. I looked terrible. dirt all over my face and hands, not to mention my shirt which was speckled with dirt and blood (from a bloody nose i had earlier in the run). Needless to say it was fun and i'll probably do it again today.