Monday, October 20, 2008

10-23-04 (Nepal)

Today (my pen just ran out of ink)... where do i start? I could talk about my sleepless freezing night, but i think i will start when i woke up around 6:30. I got all my things put away, went to the bathroom, then took all my stuff down to the patio where i read my book "The Divinci Code" while i sipped hot lemon and ate oat porridge. I finished and set off at 7:30. The first half was good. I stopped once to have some more hot lemon and chapatti bread while i read some more. I don't exactly remember when my right arch started hurting, but the last half of the journey took considerable longer then the first. I got to Deorali at about 5:15 and didn't make my goal of MBC (Machapuchare Base Camp) today although it will only take me about 5 hours to get to ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) tomorrow. I searched around Deorali for a room and didn't find anything. Finally, a man told me i could stay in "a dungeon" of a room that looked similar to the first one i stayed in. he looked around and said "50 rupees, don't tell anyone". I smiled at my 25 rs savings and went into the dining hall. Actually, i've been sitting here reading my book while i had some more hot lemon, fried noodles w/egg, and an apple roll. All were delicious. I read a little bit more, then started writing this. I can't wait for tomorrow to see the view of the mountains. The clouds move in [during] the afternoon so i didn't get to see them tonight. Nobody in the dining room speaks Enlglish... Some speak broken English, but it's not the same. It's kind of lonely up here. It would definitely be much better if i came back with [a girlfriend] and we took 6 days to do it instead of 3... next time. Ok, i just stepped outside and looked up... The clouds are gone and i see the outline of this massive mountain. It truly is a jaw dropping sight. I said "oh wow" out loud to myself. It is very beautiful.

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CurtisandMindy said...

that sounds amazing! i can't believe that you have done all those things. i wish i could have been there with you...though i know it wouldn't have been as cool to have your sister there as it would be to have your girlfriend there.