Thursday, October 16, 2008

11-23-07 (China)

1 month left. I bought a train ticket to Chendu. I leave tomorrow. Over breakfast, I heard a Boys 2 Men song done by orchestra. Very weird. Picked up a book on superstring theory. Hopefully my brain will be fried. OH, I’m going to try out the hard sleeper. It was more than double the price. Better be worth it. It’s getting cold. I may have to purchase more clothes. We’ll see. I went to an internet cafĂ© because I wanted the lyrics to “Do I Disappoint you”, by Rufus Wainwright. I’ve been singing it a lot, but muttered some of the parts, anyway, kind of thought it was a love song until I red a line that used the words “crush you bloody skull”. I guess not. I’ll get the lyrics tomorrow. I was too shocked to write them down today. Oh, also, I had a religious discussion with Al. I guess it wasn’t a discussion, I explained that the FLDS were not part of our religion (he thought they were), then we talked about genealogy and baptisms for the dead./ I’m really frustrated with myself. I bought a pull over. That’s not why I’m frustrated. I think I look good in it and I wanted to show [girlfriend at the time] so I changed the format on my camera to small jpeg instead of large RAW. Anyway, I forgot to change it back and [when i went out shooting later] I got some really good shots, at least I liked them. Anyway I got a whole bunch of these shots and their crap because their in small format. Bah. I look good in the pull over though.

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