Sunday, October 26, 2008

12-16-06 (SE Asia)

The bus ride!!! Ah, such a wonderful invention….OF SATAN. Honestly, that may have been the most miserable I’ve ever been. Even worse than S-nold barking all night long. I’m more mature now so I can handle it, but I almost killed several people. First off, I was pissed about getting screwed over on the bus. It was supposed to be a tourist bus, but it wasn’t. It was filled with locals and their luggage and other items. Seriously filled. Top. Bottom. Middle. All full. I couldn’t keep my feet flat on the floor. They had to be turned one way or the other. The seat in front of me was smashed up against my knees. My camera took up all my lap space, and the nimrod on the right was basically in my lap. Not really, but he was always squishing me against the wall. I had to constantly keep pushing him away. Then he had the brass to put his water bottle on my side. I wanted to punch him in the face. I mean, he has short legs and he was in the isle all sprawled out (as much as he could, there were bags and crap filling up the isles), meanwhile, I’m squished in a little cube. AAARRRGGGHHHH. Anyway, I’m in Laos. Much more pleasant than north Nam. The people are much nicer. OH, they also segregate in Nam. They made all the foreigners sit in the back of the bus, which is the worst spot. When we were leaving [the country], they helped everyone else, then the foreigners. And the north Viets are the only people in this area that yell and are rude to foreigners that don’t deserve it. Laos is great so far. Gotta run. Later/ I’ve been hanging out in the dorm talking with Ziv, from Israel. Now I want to spend Christmas in Bethlehem at some point. We were chatting and he told me he’s been to see the Mormon temple in Jerusalem. “It’s very beautiful”. This is going to be like a testimony. When I was taking a break, I wasn’t happy. I’m much happier now. Ok, night.

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