Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Running Fun

I went trail running yesterday evening. First mistake, don't run trails at night. It's bad for your health. Second mistake. don't run trails at night. It's bad for your health. So i had run up the trail for a while (i say a while because i don't really time myself. it makes it un-fun) and decided it was getting too dark so i turned around and made a speedy descent. Running fast along the trail, i ended up tripping on a root and flew through the air. At this point, you're thinking, oh my gosh, did he get hurt? Don't worry, nothing happened. my hands and face softened the impact and luckily it wasn't on any rocks. I got up, finished my run and when i returned home, i glanced in the mirror. "good hell", i thought. It looked like i had returned from a war zone. I looked terrible. dirt all over my face and hands, not to mention my shirt which was speckled with dirt and blood (from a bloody nose i had earlier in the run). Needless to say it was fun and i'll probably do it again today.

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CurtisandMindy said...

next time...take a picture and post it.