Saturday, November 29, 2008

12-1-07 (China)

So that was the worst sleeper ride I’ve had. This dude up and over from me snored all night. It was the most disgusting snore I’ve ever heard. Little gasps of breath for about 15 seconds, then it’s like he ad to catch up, because the following 10 seconds was this nasty noise I can’t even make. He shot some spit, somehow, across the room and it landed on my hand. I freaked out a little bit. Oh, gross. So, anyway, I didn’t sleep, the end. So, I’m sitting in Hohhot. It’s freezing. The guesthouse’s owner’s son took me to get some long underwear and some socks because I was so cold. It’s a little expensive to stay where I am, but the guy’s super nice. I peed myself today. For some reason, I guess I just didn’t shake it that good and I ended up with a lot of dribble in my shorts. Not enough to soak through the pants that much (smaller than dime sized), but enough that I had to change undies. What’s wrong with me? I also ate form a street vendor so if I get sick and die, that’s probably why./ So, I went to go mail Crystallynn a letter, but to no avail. I just don’t speak Chinese, and they don’t speak English. Pretty simple. OH, I saw some trials riders, like Kevin. I bet he’d like it here. They were actually pretty good. I’m staying here 3 nights, which may have been a mistake, but oh well, he’s really nice. I don’t think I’m going to Mongolia, but I might. I really just don’t know. Bah. I guess I have a few days to decide. It’s not fun to shoot because it’s so cold. Bah./ I think I’m going to Ulaan Baatar. 60/40 that I go. Crap, I really want to go. 70/30, no 64/36. I know what I’ll do. Pray about it, although I think I have my answer already. I’d like to go to church there. It’d be interesting.

Friday, November 21, 2008

11-26-07 (China)

I had some weird dreams. Driving an old Brown 250 around a golf course, then doing some downhill riding near course with Kevin and Karl. Snowball fight with Natty Ball and a bunch of other people. Taking fotos in Middle East, shot at, tried to show I was a journalist, fired a rocket at me. Had to leave camera and run. Survived. Talked to some guy in military uniform. Went back, found camera intact. Was showed a lens of other journalist who died (I think), his lens had a zipper and you could change things, then I’m eating stroganoff that my mom made. See grubs that look like stroganoff crawling around, lose appetite, look in stroganoff container. Loads of purple fuzzy caterpillars. I go to tell my mom, she tells me that the attack I was in was bad because they attacked a kitchen with a bunch of black and white children. This whole dream may or may not have happened in any specific order. Wow, it’s weird I remember so much of it. Sorry the handwriting is lousy, I was in a hurry to get it written down before I forget. Probably throughout the day I’ll write more stuff down that comes to my head. Here’s one already, Jason Rigby, somewhere I run into and talk to him in the snowball fight. Wow, weird./ I just saw the best looking sideburns on a Chinese man. I’m at a really pleasant park right now, just thinking about life. I’ll write down if I have any life changing experiences. Here we go. I think if people sat and thought about life decisions in a nice park, there would be a lot less strife in the world. Also, my mustache is starting to curl into my mouth. Not fun. It’s also nice to see old happy couples strolling thought a park. I want that to be me when I’m geriatric./ Ok, took some photos, went to McDonalds…I’m sorry, I just got a chocolate ice cream cone. Sue me. Anyway. Oh yeah. People stare at me. Ok, so, not so much me, but my cut off shorts, shoes, and tripod (not a figure of speech). I think they laugh at them, it’s like c’mon man, they’re just shorts, get over it. I took a picture of my mustache/beard. I guess I should call it a futurestache. Anyway, I emailed it to all my climbing buddies. I hope they like it. I finally got a roommate, but I’m leaving tomorrow so it doesn’t really matter too much. Anyway, I’d actually rather not have a roommate because I just get paranoid and think they’re going to steal my stuff. Maybe I should beat him to the punch and take something of his. Hahaha. I was just thinking how funny it would be to put his backpack on my bed. Just move it. I wonder what he’d do. It’d be funny./

Monday, November 17, 2008

The scariest house on the planet

A couple weeks ago, Blake and I went and photographed the scariest house on the planet. Not only was it scary, but i'm fairly certain that the hanta virus was present in the basement and also a mummified cat that blake dibsed to shoot (with a camera). Anyway, it was a really productive day since we not only shot a ton of photos, but nobody died falling through any of the floors which were very questionable. I've attached some of my favorite photos of the outing.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

12-4-06 (SE Asia)

Wow, I did much today. I went to go rent a motor scooter, but I had to give a passport, which is ridiculous. Before, I just gave a drivers license. First off, I don’t give out anything that would make it difficult for me to get out of the country ie. passport, plane tickets, money. Needless to say, I rented a bicycle instead. It was very long an bumpy, and my butt hurts, but it was fun. After that, I was so depressed, oh wait, I didn’t say where I rode to. The Killing Fields. Anyway, after that I was so depressed, I didn’t feel like doing anything so I went and checked out the museum. I thought it would be interesting. I thought wrong. After that, I took fotos until dinner which was very expensive, but I ate with A GIRL named Stephanie. She was/is German. I must attract Germans. Anywho, after dinner, I walked with her to the corner, then we parted ways. As I was walking to my room, I saw a freaking giant rat. Oh….real quick, I hate spider webs. I hate spiders, but I hate spider webs even more. At Angkor Wat, I was walking down a jungle path and I turned around because a giant web was blocking it and if I went around, I might get one that I couldn’t see on my face. Oh, I hate that, It just sticks to your face and you can’t get it off and there could be a spider in your hair. Yuck. There are webs under my bed, but I wrap myself in the mosquito net, so I should be good….Well, night.

Monday, November 3, 2008

11-21-07 (China)

I’m going to rent a bicycle. Cheers, mate. OH, luckily I don’t have a creeper roommate. His name is Alister. He’s from Scotland, and he’s running from credit card debt. I bought a lock./ So…I’m t the zoo. I know, I shouldn’t have come. They are so depressing, but interesting. Oh, before I forget, let me recount something. I walked into the lobby and instantly noticed a white man. Dressed in some weird “traditional” outfit, wearing shoes that were supposed to look traditional but weren’t. He has gray hair that has been dyed red. Instantly, I am annoyed. These type really bug me. Just freaking wear normal clothes. I’m watching him out of the corner of my eye. He walks over, asks a white girl about books, then out of nowhere, starts ranting on about lonely planet “clutching” (I think he said clutching) people, who “can’t seem to function” without them. I’m thinking to myself, “you’ve read Vagabonding”. I’m split you see. It’d be nice to know the language, but since Mandarin is freaking hard, get a guidebook which can show you some cheap places to live, which will save you loads of time to spend wandering around having fun. After listening to him spew his dogma, or Vagabonding’s dogma, (it’s a really good book by the way), I left. It was either his dyed red hair or him using the word “experience” a lot that made me lose interest. To me, him dying his hair red is like someone using a guidebook. It “taints” the experience./ I must be in the freaking twilight zone. I’m sitting in a stadium type thing looking down at this circular cage with a diameter of about 35-40 ft. In this cage is a donkey, a goat, 2 bigger dogs (lab, malamute, and 3 real small dogs like Drexton’s dog). This is seriously the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. Right now, one of the little dogs (a real yapper) is barking at the donkey, who is just trying to eat some vegetables. Wait, there are 4 small dogs. I’m really interested to see what happens. Earlier at the pit of monkey’s I seriously considered lowering them a rope. What chaos. I laughed out loud just thinking about the situation. Monkeys running everywhere. MAYHEM. The little yappy dog is trying to hump the bigger malamute dog. This place is f@*!ed up./ So. I came to sit in a park and you’ll never guess who’s here ranting about people who travel with too much. He was actually antagonizing a guy who had two bags. Not like him who carries only one shirt, two socks, etc… He’s talking to this kid about lonely planet people and how much he hates them. Blah blah blah. It bugs me, yet it’s slightly entertaining. I think he walks around and grabs people and let’s them know who he is and how he travels. Anyway, I’ve scoped out a few places I want to shoot at tonight. We’ll see what happens. So, I’ve decided their are 5 types to travelers. #1 – tourists – this person stays in nice hotels, gets driven around, spends a week and says they’ve visited the place. #2 – the backpacker – this person reads guidebooks to get around easier to make more time for other things, yet doesn’t stick to a specific route, and has a good time. #3 – The “backpacker” – this person does only what the guidebooks tell them to do, lives and breaths the guidebooks, but generally he/she has a good time. #4 – the real backpacker – this person uses no guidebook, has a great time, and is very carefree. Occasionally he stays at a place which is not very good and he gets raped, but all-in-all, life’s good. This last one is the most annoying of all travelers, even more so than the tourist. #5 – the “real” backpacker. This person has read Vagabonding and follows it to a “t”. They prance around in “traditional” clothes trying to be like the people but doesn’t realize the people haven’t worn that stuff for a couple hundred years, and makes all westerners look bad. They don’t have any fun because they’re too busy preaching their plagiarized dogma to other backpackers, “backpackers”, real backpackers, and “real” backpackers. They insist that everyone who uses guidebook is an idiot. Strange enough, theses people tend to end up where guidebook users do. That’s it. I might have to email the author of vagabonding and let him know what he started. Also, I’ll think of some more clever names later. I might go take a nap./ I’m waiting for the light to be better, chatting with really nice people. Oh…(Random Thought) [Current girlfriend] informed [me that] diarrhoea is spelled diarrhea. I personally think it could be spelled two ways like wiener and weiner. Both spellings are correct. I looked them up (End Random Thought). Wow, I just farted. That’s a real risky maneuver considering I have the runs. What a bold move. Right now, I’m down at a center square like place and there are a bunch of people doing traditional dances. I kind of want to join but I won’t because #1 – I’m chicken and #2 – it might offend people. I changed my mind about China. I really like this place. I just don’t like Guangzhou. Like is an overstatement. I HATE IT. Anyway, I’ll probably just chill here until I go to bed. I’ll fill you in on what happens if anything interesting goes down./