Friday, November 21, 2008

11-26-07 (China)

I had some weird dreams. Driving an old Brown 250 around a golf course, then doing some downhill riding near course with Kevin and Karl. Snowball fight with Natty Ball and a bunch of other people. Taking fotos in Middle East, shot at, tried to show I was a journalist, fired a rocket at me. Had to leave camera and run. Survived. Talked to some guy in military uniform. Went back, found camera intact. Was showed a lens of other journalist who died (I think), his lens had a zipper and you could change things, then I’m eating stroganoff that my mom made. See grubs that look like stroganoff crawling around, lose appetite, look in stroganoff container. Loads of purple fuzzy caterpillars. I go to tell my mom, she tells me that the attack I was in was bad because they attacked a kitchen with a bunch of black and white children. This whole dream may or may not have happened in any specific order. Wow, it’s weird I remember so much of it. Sorry the handwriting is lousy, I was in a hurry to get it written down before I forget. Probably throughout the day I’ll write more stuff down that comes to my head. Here’s one already, Jason Rigby, somewhere I run into and talk to him in the snowball fight. Wow, weird./ I just saw the best looking sideburns on a Chinese man. I’m at a really pleasant park right now, just thinking about life. I’ll write down if I have any life changing experiences. Here we go. I think if people sat and thought about life decisions in a nice park, there would be a lot less strife in the world. Also, my mustache is starting to curl into my mouth. Not fun. It’s also nice to see old happy couples strolling thought a park. I want that to be me when I’m geriatric./ Ok, took some photos, went to McDonalds…I’m sorry, I just got a chocolate ice cream cone. Sue me. Anyway. Oh yeah. People stare at me. Ok, so, not so much me, but my cut off shorts, shoes, and tripod (not a figure of speech). I think they laugh at them, it’s like c’mon man, they’re just shorts, get over it. I took a picture of my mustache/beard. I guess I should call it a futurestache. Anyway, I emailed it to all my climbing buddies. I hope they like it. I finally got a roommate, but I’m leaving tomorrow so it doesn’t really matter too much. Anyway, I’d actually rather not have a roommate because I just get paranoid and think they’re going to steal my stuff. Maybe I should beat him to the punch and take something of his. Hahaha. I was just thinking how funny it would be to put his backpack on my bed. Just move it. I wonder what he’d do. It’d be funny./

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CurtisandMindy said...

That is a totally bizarre dream. I think I would have woke up screaming around the time w/ the bugs in the food. ICK. I'd love to see you trekking around in your "traveling" gear. To me you are still a skinny little eighth grader.