Saturday, November 29, 2008

12-1-07 (China)

So that was the worst sleeper ride I’ve had. This dude up and over from me snored all night. It was the most disgusting snore I’ve ever heard. Little gasps of breath for about 15 seconds, then it’s like he ad to catch up, because the following 10 seconds was this nasty noise I can’t even make. He shot some spit, somehow, across the room and it landed on my hand. I freaked out a little bit. Oh, gross. So, anyway, I didn’t sleep, the end. So, I’m sitting in Hohhot. It’s freezing. The guesthouse’s owner’s son took me to get some long underwear and some socks because I was so cold. It’s a little expensive to stay where I am, but the guy’s super nice. I peed myself today. For some reason, I guess I just didn’t shake it that good and I ended up with a lot of dribble in my shorts. Not enough to soak through the pants that much (smaller than dime sized), but enough that I had to change undies. What’s wrong with me? I also ate form a street vendor so if I get sick and die, that’s probably why./ So, I went to go mail Crystallynn a letter, but to no avail. I just don’t speak Chinese, and they don’t speak English. Pretty simple. OH, I saw some trials riders, like Kevin. I bet he’d like it here. They were actually pretty good. I’m staying here 3 nights, which may have been a mistake, but oh well, he’s really nice. I don’t think I’m going to Mongolia, but I might. I really just don’t know. Bah. I guess I have a few days to decide. It’s not fun to shoot because it’s so cold. Bah./ I think I’m going to Ulaan Baatar. 60/40 that I go. Crap, I really want to go. 70/30, no 64/36. I know what I’ll do. Pray about it, although I think I have my answer already. I’d like to go to church there. It’d be interesting.

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Diane said...

Eww you peed yourself gross...its okay though sometimes I pee myself a little when I jump rope. But you already know this cause I am actully on the phone with you right now.