Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10-29-04 (Nepal)

Well, I slept pretty good last night except being eaten alive by mosquitoes and maybe bedbugs, or fleas or something. I’m not sure yet. Anyway, I slept to good because I slept in until 6:25 when I was supposed to wake up at 6:00 but I caught a cab instead and got here in plenty of time. To my lucky stars, I was very surprised to see that I got the very backseat, so it doesn’t recline at all and I’m sitting on the bench with who knows how many people. Why can’t I ever get a reclining seat? Arghh. I’m sure the one in front of me will hit me in the face when she reclines to go to sleep. I’m sharing the backseat with a bunch of guys with dreadlocks. [Later that day] So what happened was, they took me off that bus (left my bag on top of the bus) and put me on another one. I thought it was better, but it wasn’t until some people got off and I got my own seat. I just realized I have 14 mosquito bites on my right hand. So yeah, the ride sucked. I got to Kathmandu and had to wait for the other bus with my bag, got that, took a cab to the bus station which was close to where I was (very annoying), then had a crappy 2 hour ride to Bhakthapur which usually takes 45 minutes. I was so annoyed. I’m very glad to be back though.

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CurtisandMindy said...

ah the joys of public transportation. makes you count your blessing to be back in the states,eh? 14 bites on one hand? thats quite a few. I remember counting up flea bites in Ecuador and I got up to 81 at one time. Fun.