Thursday, January 15, 2009


This blog is slowly being transformed into a blog about my pet peeves. Ok, here we go. Let's start with pet peeves of the class room. Today, during a lecture, a cell phone went off (pet peeve #1 - cell phones in the classroom), not only did it go off, but the person belonging to the cell phone just let it ring (pet peeve #2 - idiot cell phone owners). Besides the cell phone distraction, this giant of a football player (pet peeve #3 - football players who get paid to go to school and didn't win a single game this season) sat in front of me and kept leaning back and forth blocking my view of the guest lecturer (pet peeve #4 - idiots who can't sit still for one freaking minute), who i found interesting. This kid, obviously did not (pet peeve #5 - people who are obviously majoring in the class they're taking but don't find it interesting). So 5 out of my hundreds of thousands of pet peeves all occurred in this one classroom setting. Here are a few things that could have happened, but didn't. Someone could have walked in wearing a bluetooth and left it in the entire class (pet peeve #6 - blue tooth). Someone could have walked in with a rolling backpack (pet peeve #7 which i coincidently have written a poem about - rolling backpacks. well, i have to get back to class. until next time.

ps. i was kidding. class hasn't started yet.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rant on monetary "donations" for a piece of effing paper.

I just forked out a large sum of money to the overpriced school i'm attending. I'm going to fork out more later for overpriced books. What the hell is wrong with the education system. It's almost as if it is trying to not make it possible for people to attend school. They charge you for every little thing. I'm going to assume that schools are first and foremost a business and that their first goal is to make money. I'm not sure if this is correct. The administration is sure making a lot of money, but i also understand that it is their job. I guess i'm just super frustrated because it's almost as if schools aren't here to help educuate, but rather to just take your money and give you a piece over paper saying you paid too much for what you know. that's all.