Monday, March 9, 2009

Funny Photo

Sorry i haven't posted in a while, but since nobody reads this, it's not that big of deal. here's a funny photo i saw. Just look at it for a while. It's really really funny.


CurtisandMindy said...

what do you mean NOBODY reads this!??!?! I read it! Every single time. I have it linked on my blog so that everytime you post it gets shifted to the top of my bloglist.


HAHAHAHA. I love that picture. It is hysterical. I can't help wondering if she pushed the button right before the camera went flying and that maybe, just MAYBE, there is a picture on her camera of her getting the boot.

Henry & Melissa said...

I'm with mindy. I check your blog all the time. This is the greatest way to keep up with my family -- along with facebook and email and other great things brought about by the computer and cel phones. But -- I love the picture and feel sorry for the woman. I bet she doesn't take kangaroo pics for a while