Sunday, April 19, 2009

I heart Graduation

I finish my bachelor's degree in 7 days. what are my thoughts? 1) it took me 7 years to do it. Not 7 years straight. I took time off to travel and work. I probably spent 8 semesters in school, maybe 8 1/2. I'm not sure. if i could go back, would i change anything? heavens no. I probably gained more knowledge and insight into the real world in the 6 months that i've spent abroad. 2) I'm really glad (oozing sarcasm) that i'm graduating with a degree in Mass Communication with and emphasis in Photography and a minor in sociology, just in time for the economy to not need me. I mean, it's already a really competitive field, but more so, now. It's awesome. 3) Interesting fact: i majored in music before changing my major to mass comm. 4) I'm happy with my life as of right now. 5) Photography (among other things) is what I love, more specifically, travel photography. I'd really love to combine sociology with photography and create books that deal with the two. I have ideas. 6) My last semester of schooling hasn't been too bad. I always thought it'd be really really stressful, but it's not. 7) I'm not walking. I've never even thought about it. Mostly because i'll be either working, or in PA (depending on what day it is), but also because the whole ceremony takes 4 hours, which is too long.
The end.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can i be successful in today's photography industry?

Well, after looking at this monstrosity of a photographers website, i think i can. Feel free to mosey around. Also, stay tuned for a website i created for myself at It's not working, but it'll be up within a month. :)