Friday, August 21, 2009

91 Octane Fuel for the Economy

Like our famous celebrity dictator Barrack Obama, and our former leader Dick Cheney, I tried to make the world a better place, or in Dick's case, i tried to shoot my friend in the face while quail hunting. Just kidding, i didn't go hunting. Today, i did my part to boost the world economy, provide jobs for the jobless, and miraculously bring the Chinese one step closer to their ultimate goal of having the Yuan be the world currency (which we can save for another discussion). While purchasing some brake pads for my moto, i tacked on a couple other doodads that were not necessarily necessary, but mandatory in order to make my bike look cooler.

Regardless of what it is I purchased, I'd just like to discuss the act of impulse buying. I have suffered from it, and i know many people who currently suffer from this "affliction of the mind", but is it a bad thing? I think during this economic crisis, obviously caused by our current president who had this planned years ago and started initiating the steps necessary for such a crisis long before he had any political clout, we should embrace the act. Why not? We all have tons of money, and it's easily justifiable if we think in terms of helping the economy. HA! just kidding, but seriously though, i think if people have the money, they aren't hurting anyone by buying a skid plate for their motorcycle. The real problem begins when people impulse buy with money they don't currently have in their possession.

This brings me to my conclusion that the act of impulse buying, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Although, when you factor in whether or not the person has the money to back it up or if they do it more than once a month (which is the limit for acceptable impulse purchasing i just created), you start to enter into grey areas. There are obviously other factors that affect whether or not the impulse buy is acceptable: price, function, coolness, need, number of wheels (anything with 3 is a bad buy), etc..., but these factors aren't as important as the initial two.

Bottom line: Build a house in the white area, dabble in the grey area, and leave the black area for your friends to hang out in.

This post is dedicated to those that have no control over their purchasing power. We salute you.

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MindySue said...

i think you're right about impulse buying. if you have money to do it then it's not really a bad thing--as long as you are taking care of your other financial committments and you have the money on hand.

There is soemthing to be said, however, about exercising restraint for no other reason than to exercise it. I think we learn a lot when we wait for things. When we save for something we want (while putting the rest of the money we would have spent on the impulse buy to something more worthwhile) instead of indulging in instant gratification it is ultimately better for us.

that having been said i REALLY want to go buy a book right now.