Saturday, September 19, 2009


I saw a commercial today for a diet drug. The lady promoting it said some pretty interesting things, almost enough to convince me. She said her husband was a doctor so it couldn't be harmful, otherwise he wouldn't allow her to take the drugs. she also said some other pretty trivial information, but the real kicker was when she said she could trust it because, and get this, it was approved by the FDA. Now, I might be crazy, but when i was going to college, we had a specific tv channel that would play tons of commercials promoting lawyers that specialized in lawsuits dealing with FDA approved drugs.

To draw a vague conclusion, i might say that just because the FDA approves something, doesn't mean its safe. Case in point: Fen-Phen. Google it.


MindySue said...

I know what commercial you're talking about and I thought the EXACT same thing when I first saw it....just because the FDA approves something doesn't mean it's safe. Now if they approve it and 90 years later it's still a good idea. Then I'd feel comfortable saying it's safe. I'm pretty concerned about all these new vaccines coming out since they haven't really been testing them all that could make me sprout another head at the ripe age of 40. Nobody will know for another 11 years and then what are the odds of the connection being made. It's all pretty freaky.

Matthew said...

Exactly. I'm pretty sure that the pros of flu vaccines don't outweigh the cons. You might feel differently because you're a mother, but the whole bird flu pandemic, what a bunch of baloney. More people died the previous year from regular flu. I don't use sunscreen either. I"m just not a fan of rubbing chemicals all over my body. I know, everything causes cancer, but i'll take my chances with mother nature, thank you very much.