Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Alleged Porpoise of News

Don't worry ladies and gents, this isn't some moderate (or liberal to you far right readers) rant on fox news. This is about media across the board. Crap, i guess it might be considered a bash on the right, but it's not. Ok, before i dive into what bugs me about media, i first must say that i'm not into global warming, meaning, i don't really care that much about it. I doubt that by driving a prius, i'm going to save the planet. I do think that we need to lessen our dependency on oil, but that's a different topic. This might sadden my dad, but i love to cut trees down. If i could, i would cut fat trees down all the time. Also, i think recycling is a fad.

Anyway, the problem that i've encountered is this news article about some emails that were allegedly leaked showing that scientists are in fact like everyone else. They lie and manipulate data in order to get what they want. The problem is that these emails have yet to be verified as true. To be kind of fair, the article states that these emails aren't verified yet, but i'm willing to bet that over 75% of the readers are going to skim over that part and read just the "facts". In my opinion, wait until things are facts before writing a news article about them. I also think the word "alleged" shouldn't even be allowed in news.

It's the same with court reporting. They say all these things that the person is charged with, then they start talking about what that person "allegedly" did. They throw the word "alleged" in there and expect people to be unbiased. This doesn't happen. People don't even process the word "alleged". To them, that person did everything that he/she's charged with which makes the court system a little unfair.

This is one of the many things that bugs me about media today. They're so interested in ratings that they've completely lost touch of reporting actual news. These emails probably are true, but wait a couple days and make sure they're true, otherwise you're not a newspaper, you're a gossip column.


MindySue said...

I think you are exactly right. The media doesn't wait anymore to confirm the facts. A lot of it is because they are all (LEFT and RIGHT) in a hurry to scoop the other news agencies and have to present "possible facts" instead of actual ones. So you're right. Media is rushing too quickly. But on the eve of a huge cap and trade bill getting passed...it's something that I'm very curious about.

I assume you are talking about FOX NEWS specifically in this situation, because I heard about it from them too. Terms like "allegedly" are used for just that reason--to be able to report even earlier than before. "Allegedly" covers their butts. "Allegedly" protects them from lawsuits. AND allegedly is used ALL the time by BOTH sides, even after a story has been confirmed, just in case by some stroke of fate, the story changes.

The thing is, and I know I'm going to sound like a whacked out conspiracy theorist when I say this, do you think that any of these other news stations are really going to report that global warming might not be as big a problem as it's being made out to be? It's not just these emails that may or may not prove it--there are studies out there too, that show that the planet is in fact cooling. Those studies don't get reported by the liberal media (and there is such a thing). There is a lot of money invested in the Green movement/ CAP AND TRADE right now and anything that opposes it is getting swept under the rug. Lobbyist don't just give their money to politicians. If these emails do end up being true, I guarantee they won't be as big a deal on the other news networks.

Matthew said...

Actually i didn't even know fox news said anything about it. I read it on a British newspaper's website, and i agree that both sides throw the word around way too often. What's the best way to cover your butt? It's to report information that is verified as fact. When media reports alleged information, i feel it makes them an easier target for other networks, especially if the alleged information turns out to be false, but yes mindy, you're right. Both sides do it equally as much. However, i do believe that it's especially times like these that a news agency shouldn't be throwing around that word. With so much to win or lose, politically, it's imperative that news report the facts, not the alleged facts. Wait a day or too. Like i said, they're probably true emails, but i'd rather have the public base their actions on fact than on opinion.