Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fake Fruit

I was sitting in church today pondering human nature when a conversation started behind me. This wasn't the conversation during the closing hymn, where i almost turned around and strangled a girl, that happened a couple weeks ago that i never posted about. This was a new one that occurred before we started.

A girl behind me, who is a teacher, was saying how she handed out fruit snacks instead of candy because she felt like she was doing a disservice by handing out candy.

Personally. I love candy. especially butterfingers. I could eat those everyday. That's not the point. My love for candy is not the topic of this rant. It's this.

Since when have fruit snacks failed to make it into the candy category. Just because it has the word fruit in the title, doesn't mean it's related to fruit. Like Fox News. Is it really news? The same goes for the shape and taste. Just because the piece of sugary goodness is shaped like a strawberry and even vaguely resembles a distant strawberry taste, doesn't mean it's a strawberry.

Am i going crazy? Are fruit snacks just small squishy fruit? What the French.


MindySue said...

First. I think Fox News is just as much news as the rest of the news these days. Everyone is reporting their side. No one is reporting the truth. Bias is IN right now. Yippeee for a polarized nation (sarcasm).

As for fruit snacks, it depends on the fruit snack. MOST fruit snacks, unfortunately, fall into the "just barely better for you than candy category". There are some you can buy that are 100% frui--but they are called fruit leather. The term "fruit snacks," however, is usually used to describe both of these there is no telling what the lady handed out.

We buy the fruit snacks (see I just did it) at Costco that are $100 fruit - thus making them fruit leather. My kids think real fruit snacks are candy.

Bloomability said...

didn't fox news sponsor an anti government rally? i think that would make them not so much a news channel, as an opposition party channel.

MindySue said...

I don't know if they sponsored any rallies or not or not. If they did, that definitely would say something.

However, the tea parties and 9/12 rallies were not anti-government. They were anti-what-the-current-government-is-doing. They were about staying close to the constitution instead of trying to change it. They were about letting the nation/whitehouse/etc that not everyone is on board with what the current party is doing/planning.

While obviously I am not in love w/ some DP issues right now, if ANY news organization sponsored these or any rallies, I would actually have a huge problem with them doing so because I feel it would interfere with their ability to be unbiased or provide appropriate news coverage.

Matthew said...

It's an MSNBC video, but it makes a decent point. Obviously some of the people in front of these events state that they are not journalists at the beginning of their show. That's good to get that out in the open, but then the entire show, they act as if they're journalists reporting facts. It's a scary thing to do. Fear mongering is not a good thing, especially when the people you're scaring act on it, believing that it is in fact truth, when it's really just opinion.

Also, i like that you trick your kids into eating healthy snacks. :)

MindySue said...

The news these days, on either side, is ALL about fear-mongering. Fear = Ratings. Don't you think they (the news media in general) are overreporting the swine flu deaths just a little bit--in effect making a vaccine shortage even worse (not that my kids are getting it).

Brent said...

I prefer a more scientific approach.

20 Pieces of Welch's strawberry "fruit" snacks
Vit A-25%
Vit C-100%
Vit E-25%

1 Cup of raw strawberries
Vit A-0
Vit C-149
Vit E-0

So yes, they aren't quite fruit but they aren't even close to candy. I guess they just belong in a category all of their own.

1 Butterfinger
Vit A-0
Vit C-0
Vit E-0

Matthew said...

Brent, i appreciate your scientific approach. It made me want a butterfinger.

Matthew said...

Also, Brent, i don't think it's fair that you compared fruit snacks to butterfingers. Let's be a bit more reasonable and compare them to tootsie rolls, which are similar in size and are still considered candy.

1 serving - 40.0 g
Calories - 140
Total Fat - 3.0 g
Protein - 1.0g

Note, that this isn't the small tootsie roll either, it is the larger one.

With these facts, i conclude that fruit snacks are in fact candy, and should be labeled as such.