Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Spirit of Thanksgiving

In the spirit of thanksgiving, i decided to not be a jerk/realist (the two get confused) and post some things that i'm thankful for (just like everyone else with a blog).

What am i thankful for?

In particular order:
1 - The Gospel (not to be confused with church. church is boring. Crap, that was kind of realistesque).
2 - Family (not including extended family).
2.0001 - Friends (i was debating whether or not to put them before family, but i figured i've probably already offended people, so i shouldn't. On that note, i do believe that friends have way more influence as to how people turn out than family, but that's another topic).
3 - Legos (without them, my childhood would have been boring. Kevin Reimer knows what i'm talking about).
4 - Climbing (without climbing, i'd probably be somewhat successful).
5 - A J.O.B. (technically i don't have one right at the moment, but when i get one in May, i'll be super thankful for it. Mostly cause i'll be out of money).
6 - Extended Family (including extended family).
7 - Skinny Jeans (specifically Levi 5.11's)
8 - Mustaches (including the ability to grow a mustache)
9 - Book (the face kind in particular. A.K.A. Facebook)
10 - Real Books
11 - Food

That's about it. I really had to wrack my brain to get those. crap.
12 - Handburgers (yes, i realize i spelled it like that. i did it for a reason).

P.S. - The extended family thing was a joke, in case i just offended anyone.
P.P.S. - as it turns out, i was still a jerk/realist, but know that i tried.


Aricka said...

That is all that matters, that you tried. Happy Late Thanksgiving.

Bloomability said...

Umm..I think you forgot something. maybe something along the lines of i'm thankful for rachael. thanks matt

Matthew said...

oh, and rachael.