Friday, December 25, 2009

Things that. . . . .

I Love: Ice Cream, asparagus, rubik's cubes, family, warmth, puzzles, climbing, mostly ice cream.

I'm Sick of
: Merry Chirstmas, Happy Holidays, who gives an eff? People get offended if you say merry christmas because they don't celebrate christmas and people get offended if you say happy holidays because they think it takes Christ out of christmas. Holiday. HOLY DAY! Get it. It's a holy day. People are just so sensitive and they take it as a personal attack. Yeah, merry christmas. I'm trying to offend you. It's quite similar to the 10 commandments on court property, or a cross out in the middle of nowhere that people demand be taken down (true story). Anybody who says it's similar to putting a swastika on your lawn is an idiot. Jesus and hitler are two different things.

I'm Still Sick of: Two party systems. It's a great way to divide the United States basically down the middle pitting one side against the other, making people hate. It's weird that there are only two sides. I know there are more, duh, but i'm talking large parties. I love that if you don't believe in either, you're un-american. Why can't i pick and choose based on my beliefs. I love cutting down trees, shooting guns, and generally think recycling is dumb, but i don't believe in other right wing ideas. I also have a strong belief in health care not being treated as a business, and equality, but i don't believe in other left wing ideas. (incoming sarcasm) I'm sure that one party has all the right answers and everyone else are idiots. Yeah, get real. Personally, i feel like they're all idiots, but that's just me.

Make Me Laugh: Uhhhhh, let's see. Jokes, for one. Getting tickled, funny movies, and irony also do the trick. hmmm. That's about it.

Make Me Cry: I cry easy so this list is long, but i'll condense it. Sad movies, sad commercials, touching commercials, getting sucker punched in the nose, and choking on cough drops are all things that make me cry. When i say cry, i don't mean bawl, i mean tear up.

Make Me Vomit: Tomatoes, corn, my finger down my throat, seeing other people throw up, getting thrown up on in my sleep, chad and kat being lovey dovey (this last one has nothing to do with me not having anyone to be lovey dovey with. It has everything to do with them talking in baby voices to one another).

Make Me Cold: Temperatures below 50 degrees F and also popcicles.

more to come. . . . . maybe. It all depends on how well this one is received.


Courtney said...

The baby voice has GOT to go. Ear muffs would have been a nice thing to have at the cabin. You're my hero for blogging about it, do they read this?

Matthew said...

maybe, but i feel that it's something that i should bring up. I'm pretty sure that the response i'll get will be something like this, "then don't hang out with us", which is too bad because it affects everyone around them, not just me.