Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do you know who you look like?

Is this a compliment? I guess it might depend on who they say.

For me, i've never understood people's obsession of telling you who you look like. Usually it's someone famous, like it's a compliment or something. Because they're famous and you look like them, you should be flattered. What the french! Why do i care if i look like eddy murphey (just an fyi, i've never been compared to him)?

It's actually more of an insult. I don't look like them. They look like me. Maybe i'm just being vain and negative (which is the new focus of this blog), or maybe i just have a bad attitude. Either way, it's dumb.

Speaking of negative things, i'm really looking forward to Presidents Day. . . not. What a dumb holiday. It's about as useful as an opaque lamp shade, which in case you're wondering, is not very useful.

Oh, one more negative thing. Kim Jong Il. What a douche.


Bloomability said...

i like the renaming of your blog.

MindySue said...

not me. matt doesn't need any more incentive to be negative.

Aricka said...

Lol. Oh shut up and take the compliments. Don't start complaining until they forgot what your real name is and start calling you that famous persons name!! Yes, that has happened to me.

Matthew said...

OMG, Aricka! Do you know you look exactly like Vanessa Hudgins? You Do.

Aricka said...

Matt you are such a smart butt!! Just to let you know the pic on my facebook profile of vanessa hudgens was a joke. I was making fun of another girl who thinks she looks like an actress and then put it on her facebook profile. Well, the joke was on me cause there was some dopplegang-something or another thing going on that week and you were supposed to post a pic of a celeb that looked like you. I would never do that just to show the world that if I wanted to, I could date Zack Efron.(spelling?) You do look like that guy from Almost Famous tho.