Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Freezing Winter Wonderland

This weekend, A few of us attempted to go and dominate the Fossil Mountain Ice Caves, and we would have, except when we got there and started through, we were greeted by a solid wall of ice, which under normal circumstances would have been no problem, but i didn't want to show everyone my laser eyes. Just kidding, they're actually laser nipples. . . . . . . . . . . . Anyway. . . . . . Time for something negative.

It was cold. Real cold.

Other than the cold, it was good. We left early friday and snowmobiled to the trailhead (thanks chad's dad). From there, we donned snow shoes and hiked up to the caves. It was definitely
slow going, and took a while (less time than last year) but we still made good time. We played around on the frozen waterfall for a bit, then headed up to the cave to set some ropes for the next day. That's when we encountered the ice wall. HADES!!!! Nature - 1, Humans - 0. Oh well, after crawling around for ten minutes, my body hurt, so i'm kinda glad we didn't get to go. It would have been about 6 hours of misery. I mean, i would have done it, i just would have been miserable, which sounds like a good name for my blog (Matt's Blog of Misery).

We went to bed early and woke up the next morning. We contemplated just hiking out, but decided to just go hike further up the canyon. I'm glad we did this because it was a lot of fun. Avalanche danger was high, so we tried to be as careful as possible. That's why we hiked up this really steep hill. Ha! We were initially following the cliff line looking for the entrance to the cave (we went in the exit the day before, just to make sure things weren't frozen) which we didn't find, then we were looking to go into this upper bowl, which we didn't do. Traversing up near the cliff band was incredibly difficult, so we decided to just bail and get a hamburger in driggs. It was good. I'll post one more for good measure.

Feel free to look at some better quality photos on my Flickr page. Click here for said page. Also, my facebook has more photos. The quality isn't very good, but there are more. Hmmmmmmmm. This blog isn't near negative enough. Wanna know why we're in an economic downturn? Because women base actions on emotion, while men base decision on fact. FACT.


Aricka said...

I'm glad you all lived. I heard the snow machine ride was pretty fun.

Monique the Geek said...

I would have to disagree with the last couple of sentences. Your blog was so negative, I wanted to shoot myself after reading it. Oh, and not ALL women base their actions on emotion. As a matter of fact... "SOME" women (hint-hint)are so hard core and bad ass, that they just don't make decisions OR any actions at all... and THAT my friend, is a fact.