Thursday, January 28, 2010

Past Adventures: An Excerpt From Cambodia

Due in part, to popular demand, i'm going to reminisce about some past adventures i've had. I know what you all are thinking, and you would be correct. There really is no way i can write down all the adventures i've had. I mean, physically, i could. Actually, it'd be pretty easy, but i'd be way too embarrassed. Most of them deal with either pooping myself, or wet dreams, so you can probably imagine. . . . . . . . . go ahead. go for it. if you're not imagining it now, then you definitely are now.
Anyway, the photo above is of the sketchiest place on the planet, Phnom Penh. In all my travels, i'
ve never been really scared, except for this place. I don't know why, but i was. Maybe, it was going to visit places like the Killing Fields that did it. Cambodia has quite a horrible past, and it's all been pretty recent. Super interesting. This is from my hostel, looking down on the street. It's hustle and bustle all night long. It's awesome, unless you like to sleep at night, then it's just annoying.

Phnom Penh is also one of the saddest places i've ever been. It's poverty stricken population isn't shunned away in projects of any kind. They're everywhere. At least they were everywhere i went. Children begging on every corner.
Amputees riding on homemade wheelchairs, asking for money or food. It's pretty h
eartbreaking. . . . at first. I'm going to go ahead and be honest and frank with you here, and you're probably not going to like it, nor will you be able to understand unless you've been to a foreign country. After a while, it's really really annoying. Yes, i know, i'm terrible for saying that, but it really wears on you. It's like, get a job. So what if you're a child, go get a paper route. That's what i did. What's that? oh, you don't have paper routes? your parents are drug addicts? oh. . . . . . . nevermind.

Well, enough of that. I have so many photos, but i'm just going to post one more. One word. Ants.
That's right folks, these small insects, that usually live in a complex social colony, with one or more breeding queens, were crawling up this cable. Amazing, huh? Whoever thought ants would be capable of such a feat? I"ll tell you who. 1st graders. 1st graders would fully expect ants to be able to crawl up that. To be honest, they'd probably expect much more, like laser beams or something. I'm just saying. If you didn't expect ants to be capable of this, you're a real big idiot. Just to be frank.

Alright, i'll leave you with one more parting shot. XOXO, Matt.


Cindy Lou said...

Matt, your matt-ness (for lack of a more descriptive description--and yes, the redundancy was intentional) astounds me and makes me laugh. Reading your blog makes me day. Okay not really, but it certainly makes me smile.

Aricka said...

You could of left out a couple parts. You can only imagine which ones. Other then that very interesting and sad.