Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Wee Little Bed

Some of you might think that the title will allude to my bed wetting skills, but no, it hasn't happened since china (i don't want to talk about it). The title is actually referring to a bed that i was recently given (thanks hairy).

Matt, who cares if you have a bed? Nobody probably, but since i've been without one for quite some time, spending many restless nights sleeping on the floor, i thought it was worth mentioning.

To be honest, i slept great on the floor. Not at first, but eventually, i slept just as good as i would on a bed. The only reason i got one is so i can put stuff underneath it (gun, lights, bodies, etc...).

Matt, why did you not have a bed? Good question, matt. I didn't have a bed for a long time because i gave my bed/the rest of my acquired furniture away a while ago to help a friend out/future planning. Unfortunately, my future plans didn't include me sleeping on a bed, so i went without.

During the summer, i slept on couch cushions. Every night i would take the cushions off the couch. Every morning i would put the couch cushions back. Luckily i didn't have to do it too often since i worked quite a bit. I guess i when i was working, i slept on the ground, so the couch cushions were quite a treat. On special occasions, hairy, would be gone and i could sleep in his bed, but usually, it was all couch cushions.

I just realized that as a 25 year old male, trying to contribute to society, i shouldn't be sleeping on couch cushions or the floor. Yeah for me, i'm moving up.

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MindySue said...

Oh, but it'll be such a great story to tell your kids/hold over their heads--"You do NOT need a Serta Perfect Sleeper! When I was in college I slept on couch cushions!!!"