Monday, February 8, 2010

The End of an Era: Playing God is so much Fun

But. . . . . . . the time comes when we put down foolish things (Look to other teleprompter, or LTOT). I have renounced Facebook purgatory. It's true. I had some facebook friends in purgatory (LTOT). 54 of them to be exact (LTOT). And on this beautiful day, February. . . . . . . . . 8, i accepted them (LTOT). Let it be known throughout the world that i'm no longer playing God by keeping these poor souls in purgatory, but i'm fostering new relationships (LTOT) with these people, new beginnings, and hopefully , the day will come when we can hope for (LTOT) change amongst facebook associates. When we can wake up in the morning (LTOT) and video chat, instead of just regular chat (LTOT). When we can go to bed and say goodnight to all our facebook associates (LTOT), just like they did on the Waltons, but it'd be longer because their are more people (LTOT). These are the changes that i hope for. And as someone who's finished the internet (LTOT), i will do what i can to be the catalyst for change. God Bless (LTOT) America.

Unless i get annoyed again (highly likely), in which case i'll start deleting people again.

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