Saturday, February 6, 2010

Past Adventures: An Overview of Vietnam

Gooooooood morning Vietnam (robin williams), how are you? busy? crazy? you are? I'm sorry. you were a real treat to travel through, except the last little bit, but other than that, you were very nice. Well, you are welcome, i do what i can.

Sorry, that got out of hand, fast.

My first experience of Vietnam, was interesting. Actually, i'm not sure if this was Vietnam, or Cambodia, but i think it was Vietnam. Anyway, i'm on the back of a motorcycle taxi, holding on to this guy and my back pack. The wind is in my hair. It's warm, but very humid. Suddenly, i get an objective view of myself, and i start thinking "i'm in Vietnam. what the eff am i doing in Vietnam?" It makes me smile and fills me with a sense of adventure.

Wait, never mind. i was reading in my journal and that was actually cambodia, so disregard. yeah, i could delete it and start over, but i'm not.

My first experience of Vietnam was Ho Chi Minh City, which was renamed after the war. It used to be Saigon. Anyway, Saigon (it's shorter) is the craziest place i've ever been. Ever. Words
cannot describe how incredible it is. The streets are filled with motorcycles, scooters, cars, bicycles, etc.... You name it, they're driving it.

When you cross the street, you don't hesitate, you look towards oncoming traffic, and you step off the curb and start walking, all the while making eye contact with the people screaming by you on their scooters. You don't stop until you get to the opposite side, where you promptly poop your pants due to fear or indigestion. I remember being terrified the first time i had to cross the road, but by the end, it was great. The foreigners who were new to the country, had crazy looks on their faces because they didn't know what to do, and i'd just walk up and start crossing the street without any hesitation. Probably not actually that cool, but i felt cool.

While in Saigon, i accidently went to an amusement park (i don't want to explain, just know it was an accident) and it ended up being pretty cool. Dam Sen Amusement Park, or something like that. I also visited some of the viet cong tunnels, or at least fancy recreations of the tunnels. Mostly, i just felt like they were trying to sell me something at every corner. After a few days, i left and wandered north by train.

I stopped at a city called Nha Trang where i spent a little time on the beach and saw this old man go out in the biggest waves i'd ever seen (recent typhoon). I was scared for him. I saw a lot of the city because i rented a bike. It was really fun to see all the boats in the harbor. The only problem is that it smelled like fish. A lot. And it made me want to throw up. A lot. I didn't, but i wanted to. The coast of Vietnam is really really awesome. Oh, I also played badminton with an old lady and she KILLED me. Wasn't even close. I've never seen an elderly person move like that. Ever. Not even on TV, except i did see a movie where an old person was running around, but it was obviously a stunt double.

After Nha Trang, i wandered further north to a place called Hoi An, which had a killer huge market, then went even further to the capital city, Hanoi. Hanoi is cool, but not as cool as Saigon. While there, i went to the coast and took a boat ride around Hao Long
Bay, which is easily one of the coolest geologic areas i've ever
seen. Huge limestone islands rise out of the ocean. Similar to Avatar with the floating islands on Pandora, except they're not floating, they are anchored to the earth sans magnets. After that, i boarded the bus ride from Hades and went to Laos. The End.

And now for something negative. STD's. Those are negative.


Courtney said...

Matt, I have something negative to say about your blog.

The pictures are too small!! When I click on them they do not get bigger. This is extremely frustrating.

Is this all part of the experience of your realm of negativity? Please say no.

Matthew said...

yeah, i don't know what to tell you. can you change that somehow? I post most all my photos on flickr and there you can see them big, if you want. hope that helps.