Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Excuse me Sir

So, i was at the climbing gym today and i accidently referred to a girl as a he, in front of her friend/boyfriend/husband (not really sure). Let me elaborate.

I was chit chatting with my buddy, layne, and this girl was climbing on a problem in front of us. Layne was working the problem, so i was telling him that if he (she, the climber on the wall) would have used a certain foot hold that he (she, the climber on the wall) didn't see, he (she, the climber on the wall) would have done the problem. Apparently, layne realized that i was an idiot and whispered "she" while i was talking, but i didn't hear. I was too busy talking.

Normally, this wouldn't have been bad, except her friend/boyfriend/husband was sitting next to me.

In my defense, she had short hair, and slightly broad shoulders, so how the heck was i supposed to know when her back was to us? I wasn't, which is why i only felt slightly stupid. Definitely stupid enough to get up and go climb somewhere else.

I'm starting to think that it was her fault, but that's because i'm a jerk.


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coletteloc said...

i like this post. it's funny.

Aricka said...

oh man, that was funny.