Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Joe the Baby Saver

You're probably super confused by the title, and that's ok, because it's confusing. . . . Kind of. Let me explain.

Tim and i went to a climbing cave down in St. George yesterday. We went there to shoot some video of a climber, Joe Kinder, removing a colony of Africanized "KILLER" Bees. Note the emphasis in the word killer. I emphasized it because that's what they are. A useless arthropod that is hell bent on the destruction of humanity. Some might argue that they're not useless and they're an integral part of the ecosystem, but those people would be wrong. Killer bees are a foreign invasive species of bee that are taking over the areas where European honey bees colonize. Bottom line. They suck. They don't produce as much honey as the native bees and they are quick to sting in swarms.

Joe has been bolting routes in this cave for 2 years and each summer, when it gets warm, the bees start swarming. People get stung, and in general, don't have a good time. How is one supposed to enjoy projecting a route when one isn't able to climb it without getting stung?

I say Joe is a baby saver because, while he hasn't saved any babies yet, by removing the bee colony, he has saved future babies that might have wandered up and been attacked. Not only did he do it in a more eco-friendly way than i would have (shotgun, fire, and gasoline), he genuinely felt bad (i would have enjoyed every minute of blasting those worthless insects out of the sky), which goes to show you that joe kinder is a genuinely caring human being that wouldn't have removed the colony unless he had thought it through many times.

Joe. My hat is off to you, as well as my shirt.


jam said...

well any honey is some honey. save the bees matt!!!!

Matthew said...

false. killer bee honey is poison. It's easy to say "save the killer bees" when you're in NYC and away from all the killer bees. I'd like to see you say that as you're getting stung. I mean, i wouldn't actually enjoy seeing you get stung, but you know what i mean.