Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Words of Inspiration and Motivation

Sometimes, i sit and listen to inspiring music. I sit, and i listen, and feel as if the world has fallen away and everything becomes clear. Life becomes clear. goals become clear. The desires in my soul spring forth begging to be transformed into action, into substance.

This is how i like to spend parts of my day.

My desire to change the world is in sight. i can almost feel it. It's 100% attainable, and yet is separated by galaxies. The whole universe stands before me, daring me to cross it. I realize that the biggest step is the first, but i find myself standing. Feet firmly planted to the ground. Hoping. Hope isn't enough. It requires action. Dedication.

If only people could see how i see. The world is a great place, full of beauty, and happiness, but that is not life. Beauty and happiness are wonderful, but to truly see the beauty in the world, you have to also see hardships, sadness, and misery. The struggle to carve out a niche in the world is one of the greatest things i've ever seen. Empathy is the key to beauty.


MindySue said...

Hmmmmm. I'm thinking you are going to need to change the name of your blog again. Not very negative of you! For shame!

I do wonder, what is the source of this inspiration/movitvation. Is it temporal or eternal?

Matthew said...

temporal. more specifically, a temporal jelly donut. . . . . if i told you the negative thing was a facade and that i only did it to entertain, would you believe me? it's not, but that'd be a good cover. don't worry, this will pass.