Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Art of Running Over a Kangaroo

For those of you that love animals, read on.

I'm in australia for a bit, and we ran over a kangaroo. Not on purpose, obviously, but it happened. They're like deer. One minute you're driving along, the next your swerving to avoid an idiotic kangaroo jumping across the road. Actually, they're more like a mix between a rabbit and a deer. . . and a t-rex. They have really short useless arms that actually make me kind of sick. They're so short and useless.

Anyway, we accidently hit this roo and we just heard it tumble under the car. Huge bumps. We were all screaming, naturally, and we stopped to calm down. Tim slowly turned the car around. We knew it had to be done, but nobody wanted it. Anyway, he reluctantly smashed on the gas. We were headed straight for it. BUMP BUMP. The bumps were much larger than expected. Luckily we had insurance on the vehicle so any and all damage done to the vehicle is covered, regardless of what happens.

My thoughts on the situations: We needed a bigger car and a brush guard. This would have solved lots of issues. Here are some things to think about.
1. When running over an animal, it's always best not to swerve. Better the animal die than you, right?
2. Make sure that the animal isn't too big. Running over a moose in a honda civic is generally not a good idea. The kangaroo we hit was on the cusp of being too big, but since we had insurance, it didn't matter. On that note.
3. Does your insurance cover hitting animals? If it doesn't, you might want to quickly think about swerving.
4. Don't feel bad. It's part of natural selection.
5. Be humane. Make sure it's dead. Use any means necessary to do so; gun, club, fist, car, etc... on that note.
6. Don't run over it a second time if there are kids around. As funny as that would be, it is quite traumatizing for the children, so should be avoided.
7. It's ok to cry.
8. A moment of silence should be held. This usually happens regardless because people are in shock for a couple minutes afterwards.
9. Last but not least, tell your friends about it.


MindySue said...


did you eat it?

merk said...

i was at McDermit feild one day with Andy. we were out in the part next to it actually with Andyfish and some kids yelled for us. They found little baby bird and told us to put in back it a tree. They didn't know where it came from. On top of that the bird was mangled already.. it was going to die.. only a matter of time. So there i was, holding this bird. As we were walking away I looked at Andy, both of us knowing what had to be done. 'you're a bigger man than i, mark' andy said. i took the bird around a corner and smashed it with a rock. i walked away with a tear in my eye.

Robert said...

That's awesome. Have fun in Australia, I want an invite next time.

Henry & Melissa said...

I love the list of things to remember matt. Henry commented that he was glad not to insure your car!!