Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Michael Jordan + Hitler Mustache = Slightly Confused Basketball Loving Jews

OK, so, i already wrote about this on a different blog that i contribute to occasionally, and i realize i already posted one earlier this evening, but i feel like i shouldn't pass up a good opportunity to bring confusion to all my reader (yes, i realize it's singular).

The video below is a Hanes commercial with michael jordan in it. Cool, you're thinking. A new hanes commercial with michael jordan in it. Maybe it'll be as funny as the one with charlie sheen. Or, maybe it'll have michael jordan with a hitler mustache. What? Michael Jordan with a hitler mustache? What are the chances of th. . . . holy crap, he has a hitler mustache.

I was under the impression that hitler kind of ruined that look for eternity, but i guess Michael feels differently. Does he just not have any friends at all, because i know for certain that if i had friends, they would alert me to the fact that i had a hitler mustache.

If any Jews read this blog, i'd ask them what their thoughts were, but since none do, i'm going to go ahead and make up my question as well as their response.

Me: Jews, what are your thoughts on MJ's new look?
Jews: Uh. . . yeah, kind of thought that look died out a while ago, but evidently it's making a comeback. Not too keen on it myself, but hey, if he wants to look like a genocidal maniac, it's no skin off my back.

I'm really just blown away that he had the audacity to look in the mirror and think, "i don't look like hitler". Not only that, but NO ONE on the set of that commercial brought it to anyone's attention that Michael Jordan, did in fact, have a hitler mustache. I know for a nearfact that there were probably over 50 people working on that commercial and you're telling me that no one noticed? I'm definitely taking crazy pills.

Anyway, i kneed (yes, i know i spelled it that way. think about it) to go to bed. It's late and i've had a very intense day. I hope this video makes you as confused as i was.


MindySue said...

It is a weird mustache, I'll give you that, but it's not a full-on Hitler mustache. Hitler's mustache went from just under the nose all the way down to the upper lift, whereas Michael is clearly sporting the mini-Hitler.

merk said...

i kinda like it.. i think i'll give it a try

Aricka said...

That was not expected.

Sweet Em said...

I think the real problem is the mustache epidemic that seems to be going around. Two mustaches in that ad...and you. So already three too many.

P.S. I'm now subscribed to your blog. Keep up the negative work.