Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ketchup Packets: You Know the Ones You Get at Fast Food Restaurants. Yeah. Those. They Suck.

"I ketchup all meats"

That's a quote from someone i know who shall remain nameless. . . . ben belisle. Obviously, ketchup is now a verb. "Hey, could you pass the ketchup so i can ketchup my food. It really needs a good ketchupping."

Anyway, what i'm driving at is how much people love ketchup. They put it on everything. EVERYTHING. So riddle me this. Why are the ketchup packets you get at fast food restaurants so effing tiny?

In America. Everything is big. The people are big. The soda is big. The cars are big. The debt is big. etc... So why are we still getting these little frenchy sized packets of ketchup. You end up using 17 packets just to eat your freedom fries. And that's just your freedom fries! You still have to ketchup your handburger (yes, i know i spelled it like that. think about it). You still have to ketchup your diet dr. pepper w/lime. You still have to ketchup your mcflurry. You still have to ketchup your two other handburgers. You still have to ketchup your freedom toast. I mean, come on. By the time you're finished ketchupping everything, you'll have gone through, i'm guesstimating, well over a hundred packets.

side note: did you know guesstimating is a word. when i wrote it out, i thought it was going to correct me, but it didn't which led to me looking it up. They have it in the dictionaryish thing that i looked at. I'd give it a couple more years before ketchupping is in it.

What bugs me the most, and i'm using mcdonalds as an example, is that their (mcdonalds) whole business model is based on "bigger is better" and they give us these tiny little packets. How are people with sausage fingers even supposed to open them? I'm going to go out on a big fat healthy limb and say that mcdonalds should cater to the demographic that keeps them going. The sausage finger demographic.

What's funny/ironic is that in europe (and by europe, i mean scotland, because that's the only place i've been to in europe), they have big ketchup packets. healthy american sized packets, but they charge you for the ketchup. So, in a country where you get free crappy healthcare, you have to pay for big ketchup packets, and in a country where you pay for your very expensive healthcare, you get free ketchup packets, but they're small.

Oh, the choices.

I'll take my freedom. . . with an oreo mcflurry.


Courtney said...

I was JUST complaining about this last week to my mom when we went through the in n out drive through! I actually thought about asking the guy at the window to run over to the condiment island and pump me some little ketchup cups so I wouldn't have to deal with the stupid packets! Next time....

Aricka said...

Even tho I do not eat ketchup on my fries, just lots of salt. I have noticed that any little packet you are trying to open with greasy hamburger fingers is nearly impossible and frustrating. You have to use your teeth to open it and then guess what? You now have poop in your mouth because who ever stocked and handed you that ketchup packet probably didn't wash their hands after using the restroom.Plus another thing that sucks about the mouth approach is a bunch of ketchup squirts into your mouth.