Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthdays: Dumb. Especially Dave's Kami's Andrew's

What's more negative than wishing someone an unhappy birthday? Nothing. Except maybe actually making sure they have an unhappy birthday. . . or killing someone. That's pretty negative. Maybe even killing them on their birthday. That's probably the most negative thing in the world. I'm actually not that negative so i'll stick to wishing people an unhappy birthday.

Dave Kami Andrew, I hope your birthday was terrible. I hope it really sucked eggs. Big ones. Not only that, but i hope that you don't get any gifts. And if you do get gifts, i hope they break when you open them. Like if you were to open your gift and have it fall out of your hands and break into a million pieces. I want that to be you. Also, it'd be great if maybe you got sick. Not cancer, but maybe a cold or flu or something. That would be really good. Well. . . . uh. . . yeah. Unhappy birthday Dave Kami Andrew.

Just kidding.

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