Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eff Canada: Honestly, Who Doesn't Take Visa?

I'm in canada right now, staying at a hostel. It's kind of nice swanky hostel. Really cool. lot's of cool people. Anyway, this is going to end up being a list of things i forgot and maybe i'll post photos, but probably not.

First on the list is the number one reason i hate canada. Let me write a quick lead up. We arrive in canada. We stay at a friends of a friends house. All we hear is "oh, you have to eat at tim horton's. You have to eat at tim horton's". I'm assuming that tim horton's is an eatery, in fact, i know it is because when we finally went there (somewhat excited) i ordered what appeared to be a good sandwich and some good soup and some good hot chocolate, but when i went to pay, the young chap behind the counter says "i'm sorry we only take mastercard". What the french canadaian! Who only takes mastercard? Obviously tim horton does. what an idiotic restaurant. PS, we left because we didn't have cash. . . or a mastercard.

Second on the list is the number two reason i hate canada. It's too cold.

Anyway, that's really all i have because this trip has been pretty incredible so far, which is surprising because (lead in to my next list) i forgot a lot of things. Here is a list of things i forgot. Keep in mind that this was sort of a backpacking trip.

1. a backpack. I mean, i brought a day pack, but we did an overnight hike in to ski a glacier the next day and i didn't have a pack, i had to use my north face duffel, which thankfully is really uncomfortable.
2. stove. luckily hairy had one.
3. utensils. luckily ryan had one. It was a fork spoon combo. Hairy forgot one too so we all had to take turns eating. This one is particularly funny because on numerous occasions, we all stated that we should pick up some utensils from mcdonalds, which we didn't, then at a&w, which we didn't (yes, we ate there and it was good, so eat it. . . no seriously, the spicy mama burger is really good).
4. sleeping pad. luckily there were two extra ones floating around.
5. harness. luckily hairy had an extra one.

Basically, what i'm saying is that i forget tons of things when i go on trips so if you ever go on a trip with me, make sure you pack extra.

Oh, last thing i hate about canada. The speed limit. Who goes 50kmh on an interstate-like road? Canadians do and it's really really annoying.


merk said...
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merk said...

i drove into Canananada once. I got held up at the border for 3 hours and then my car broke down an hour in.... i have never returned

MindySue said...

So what did you do???How did you pay for your food?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sitting in my very first tim horton's. I just got denied when trying to use my visa. Fortunately I had a little cash on me but I was so angry I googled "who doesn't accept visa in Canada?". The first thing I got was your blog and it cracked me up. Thanks for posting it.