Thursday, October 14, 2010

Superglue: If By Super You Mean Not That Super And Somewhat Annoying, Then Yeah. . . . Super

Superglue actually does work for some people. People like Gandolf. The white one, not the grey one.
*End of Disclaimer*

All this negativity stems from an incident i had this summer where i filleted my finger open trying to get the glue out of the tiny useless tube. I'm talking mega filleted. ug. it stung.

Question: how on earth did you fillet your finger whilst trying to get the glue out of the tube? It seems that there would be nothing involved in that process that could fillet your finger.

Answer: Well, normally you're right, there is nothing involved in the glue removal process that would cut you, unless the glue seals the glue tube shut after one effing use and you end up trying to use a leatherman and pin to open the hole, which then becomes you stabbing yourself in the tip of the finger with a pin. eff those things. i mean, open wounds are cool and all, but sometimes, you'd just rather not have one.

Problem: Superglue is a product that effectively seals itself up after one use, causing you to buy more superglue.

Solution: Either Get rich and buy all the super glue companies, then pull a "circuit city", or not use superglue, or both, or neither. I don't really care either way. it wasn't even my superglue.

circuit city: definition - go out of business. example - you really circuit citied yourself.


MindySue said...

AUGH!!! I absolutely agree! Super glue is horrible. I mean, it's great if you can get to it, but you never can. You have to line up anything you'll ever need superglued and then superglue it all at once. It's ridiculous.

EyesofAtlantic said...

you are absolutely ridiculous