Sunday, October 17, 2010

Television‡: The Irony

The blog post you are about to read is 100% factual. And by "100% factual", i mean mostly opinion with a ton of near facts. And by "a ton", i mean a couple. . . possibly even none.
*End of Disclaimer*

*Another Disclaimer*
Also, this might not be funny, because it's a genuine concern of mine. Plus, i use the "shit" word (sorry mom, but it's necessary).
*End of Another Disclaimer*

The other day i was watching television. . . . I'm reluctant to tell you what i was watching because it's somewhat embarrassing (the matrix). Ug. I was killing time and it was on tv. Cut me some slack. It was either that or jersey shore and i refuse to admit that i would ever watch that show (i do have). . . . ug.

Anyway, I was watching the matrix and there was a scene where two robots played by keanu reeves and some other lady, were walking into an office building. When the security guard saw them, he said "holy . . . . ". That's right. He just said "holy" because they censored out the "shit" word. The two robots then began to violently shoot about 5 people. . . .

Let me get this straight. It's ok for people to murder on television, but it's not ok to say the "shit" word. What the french. I guess it kind of makes sense, considering the condition of the world. Kind of. Maybe i just don't understand it. I was under the assumption that murder was not on the same plane as swearing.

I feel as if i've been taking crazy pills. Actually, i feel as if everyone else but me is taking crazy pills. That would make sense. A lot more sense than censoring swearing but allowing people killing other people does. Anyway. Just thought it was somewhat ironic.

‡By "television", i mean the FCC°

°By "the FCC", i mean the general population, because the only reason the FCC censors anything is because people complain. No complaints, no censorship. got it?

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Hayley Jo Reese said...

I completely agree with you! I think I might love you. Or your blog, or the person I see in my head when I read your blog. I don't know.