Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hold Up: Life Cycles

I saw a movie last night that was inspirational. Oddly enough, it was a mountain biking movie. Here's the trailer.

I really wish you could see the whole film because it tells a much bigger story. It tells us why we do the things we do.

Our life cycles.

We live. We grow. We love. We learn. We die. On, top of that, the cinematography is spectacular, and the riding is really good too. I hope that it wins a couple awards because it is really one of the best films i've seen here at the banff film festival. Anyway, sorry about being positive, Hopefully i'll get out of this rut and write something really negative. I should probably be extra negative since this one is kind of positive. Maybe i'll finally be able to write about nickelback. Anyway, see the film if you ever get a chance. It's worth is.

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MindySue said...

that looks really interesting...and you are right about the cinematography (not that I really know anything about it). It looks amazing!!