Thursday, November 18, 2010

Political Correctness: More Annoying Than Cats. The Musical, As Well As The Animal

This post might offend people. I guess that's going to be a permanent disclaimer. Other than offending, there might be some phrases that will make you throw up, so just be prepared. Maybe stand by a bucket or toilet or something.
*End of Disclaimer*

What the eff is happening in the world? Every day i wake up and find that a word or phrase is now unacceptable to use. The first time it happened, i was in 4th grade and i used the phrase "banana jams". I was talking about smashing a banana in someones face, but the teacher must have been thinking something else because i got in so much trouble. . . . . Really? Banana jams? What's next, jipped? Oh. . . . what's that? That's offensive to gypsy's? COME ON!!! They don't even look the same. Oh. . . . what's that? It was originally spelled gypped? . . . . . . . . well, it's a good thing gypsy's don't have feelings. fact.

Anyway, apparently we can't use the word gypped anymore, unless we say jipped, instead of gypped.

Effing politically correct idiots. They're ruining mare ka (america [America]). What's next? Eskimo kisses? You are not going to take that away from me. I don't care if it's offensive to eskimos. Eskimo kisses are awesome. This could go on for a while, but i have "workº" to do, so i'm going to leave you with this: Gay used to mean happy, now it means same sex attraction. Teenagers and ignorant adults use it to mean dumb. In a hundred years, it could mean flower pot.

ie "hey could you move the flowers from the garden to a gay. I'd like to have them in the house. Oh, and pick a gay that matches the drapes, because. . . ok, never mind, i'll do it."

All i'm saying is that people get offended too easy. Relax.

Anytime (intoxicated) people use the word "mormon" to mean someone who doesn't have fun, i don't get bent out of shape, i drive them home because i'm the permanent designated driver and they thank me. . . . and sometimes, i go through their wallets and take what is owed to me. Just saying.

Ok, seriously, i'm getting back to "workº".

Oh, i forgot about a phrase that might make you throw up. Are you ready? baby bump. ug. sick.

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Bethypie said...

"baby bump" does make me want to puke!

MindySue said...

I never knew the phrase "nappy" was racial slur (or similar) until that guy got fired for it. Same with gypped/jipped. I think sometimes people just say stuff because that's what they've heard.

In a hundred could mean flower pot (LOVED IT!)