Thursday, November 25, 2010

President Sarah Palin: Equivalent to President The Situation

I have very moderately strong political opinions. For safety reasons, i try to be ambiguous in my posts, but all safety aside, i simply can't sit back and not write about this. The material is right in front of me. It's like james cameron watching pocahontas, then not making avatar. Impossible.

Ok ok ok, Sarah Palin, scourge of the earth, has a new "reality" show. This mamma grizzly obviously must not want to be in politics anymore because she is now on par with the cast of the jersey shore. I'm not going to get too specific and i'll let you decide who you want her to equal. Snooki? J-wow? Maybe even the situation? Regardless of who you choose, the jersey shore is equivalent to a turd sandwich and sarah palin is now equivalent to the jersey shore, so i'll let you do some word math and figure it out. Actually, i'll just do it for you. Sarah palin = turd sandwich.

Don't be mad. I didn't do this. She did, when she decided to get a show on TLC. Some of you might argue that the jersey shore is not on TLC, and you would be right. Let's say i didn't use the jersey shore, how about i just use Jon and Kate plus 8. This ray of light is quick to exploit her kids and is someone i wouldn't consider a stand up woman. So instead of the jersey shore, we'll say she's on par with that terrible kate lady. Oh gosh, they're just all terrible people.

Personally, i feel like i would have to leave america if she was ever in charge of anything other than her own children, which is still a scary thought. It's not that i have a problem with a woman being in charge, but if we do have a woman president, i'd at least like one with half a brain that can comprehend foreign policy, and simple math. Some of you probably feel i'm being too harsh, and i might be, but i'm sticking to my guns, which is funny i should use that phrase. Wasn't obama going to take all our guns away? I'm pretty sure mrs. palin was saying that. Hmmm. That's weird.

Anyway, if any of you belong to that tea bag movement, i'd urge you to pick a new spokesperson because the one you currently love is (hopefully) throwing her political ambitions down the toilet. Ug, she makes me insane.


MindySue said...

I do think it is utterly ridiculous that she has a REALITY show. That is just lame upon lame upon lame. Seriously. I'm not a tea partier, but if I were I would be SO embarassed between her and that O'Donnell? O'Connell? woman. Separation of church and state? Where is THAT written! Give me a break.

Matthew said...

Reason #2 -

Sarah thinks we're allies with north korea.

Sweet Em said...

I too am on the "if Palin were President I'd leave America" bandwagon. Most of me knows that she could never be elected. But that little part that doesn't trust the crazies is planning my exit strategy.