Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving: I Have Worms

ok ok ok, the title is once again, somewhat misleading because i don't have worms, but i'll try and somehow tie this in before the end. Actually, i'm not going to. I was really just trying to lure people in using shock and awe, sort of like sarah palin and her new reality show (next post for sure).

On a side note, having a tapeworm during the holiday season might not be such a bad thing. Eat guilt free (i do anyway [thanks metabolism. you're great]) and deal with the consequences AFTER christmas. It's like buying a t.v. you can't afford. finance it!!!

Ok, I've been writing on this blog for a couple years now and i must take some time and say thanks to my sister mindy who has an incredibly popular book review blog. click here if you want to see it. Congrats Mindy, you now have 1 new viewer. Yourself. . . . which leads me to my next topic.

Eff you people for not commenting on any of my posts. You're like. . . . tapeworms (I knew i could tie it in. I was going to use a succubus as an example because it sounded like it fit, but i looked it up and apparently it's a female demon that has sex with sleeping men. . . awesome). Anyway. . . tapeworms. . . you just take and take and take and never give anything back.

I spend minutes of my week hunched over my fancy laptop concerned about how i'm going to entertain the world and then i spend a few more minutes copying and pasting other people's work to try and make sense out it. Do you know how hard it is? It's not very hard, but do you know how frustrating it is to just get these comments from my sister? i mean, i love her to death, but i know she just does it to boost my self esteem since her blog is way more popular than mine.

Would it hurt to just say "hey matt, you're the man?" It might if you had carpal tunnel, but you don't, so during this time of thanksgiving, why don't you pony up a few seconds of your time and say thanks. to me.


MindySue said...

hey matt, you're the man!


Hayley Jo Reese said...

I read all of them, I'll be honest. So thank you!!

Lucas said...

I have been a "tapeworm" for too long...Thanks for sharing your hilarious take on the world.

marissa89 said...

Ha, I'm friends with Rach...and I read your blog too. haha You might wish you hadn't asked for comments because now you're going to actually see how many random people read your blog ;) But I do like your blog!

Lara said...

I worry that if I comment, you'll ridicule me.

Matthew said...

ha!!! That's a legitimate concern. i can see how you might think that. I only ridicule people that don't agree with me.