Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to the Future: Incest is not the Best

Today is about incest. Yes, the ultimate of ultimate social taboos. Here to start a conversation is a person i made up named Kevin Reimer (kevin doesn't use the internet, so this is ok).

kevin - why is incest such a bad thing?
matt - seriously? you're asking me this?
kevin - uhhhhh, yeah.
matt - because it is really really messed up.
kevin - but back in the day, cousins got married all the . . . .
matt - hold up kevin, i'm going to stop you right there. There is no point in trying to justify it. You make me sick. If it was even remotely acceptable, it would be in movies portrayed as a normal thing, like murder.
kevin - what about in back to the future?
matt - what about it?
kevin - in back to the future, marty mcfly (as played by mr. michael j. fox) tries to get his future dad to end up with his future mom even though his future mom is in love with marty, not his future dad. To do this, marty comes up with a plan to "take advantage" of his future mom and have his future dad come and save the day. . . . . . . .and he stares at his future mom's boobs a lot. And all this is normal.
matt - eff.

What really weirds me out is that marty mcfly can come up with no other way to make his future mom hate him. Out of a million ways to make someone hate you, he chooses to sexually assault his mom. I mean, he could have just been too clingy. that seems to work. Or he could have been a nice guy. That usually works too. Crap, he could have just falcon punched her. That would have easily done the trick (i don't condone domestic abuse, but i also don't condone incest, so pick your poison). It just baffles me that what he ended up doing was the first thing that came to his mind, or worse, the third thing that came to his mind.

It seems to me that the writers of back to the future had some issues they should have worked out. The incest issue, as well as some weird inconsistencies, like how about the fact that when the parents get older, they don't realize that their son looks EXACTLY LIKE A GUY THEY KNEW IN HIGH SCHOOL. Man that movie is weird. Anyway, I think that, despite being entertaining, this movie teaches kids that it is ok to do some really not okay things, like underage consumption.

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