Sunday, December 26, 2010

CHANGE 2011: Obama Has Nothing On Me.

Unlike obama, i intend on actually changing things. . . . but i might not get around to it. Similar to how he never took our guns away, even though he said he was going to. What a loser. Anyway, today's post is kind of a beta version of a new concept i might try out.

matt irving's bad advice column, but will remain titled matt's blog of negativity. Since no one has sent me questions, i pulled today's test from here.

"dear abby:
i work as a teacher's aide at a private religious elementary school. You would think that the children here would be better mannered than most; however, i haven't found that to be true.

Rarely do i ever hear a 'please' or 'thank you'. The other teachers and i politely remind the students to say both 'please' and 'thank you,' the the lesson never seems to sink it. The children tell us their parents don't require such things at home, so they shouldn't have to say 'please' and 'thank you' or even 'excuse me' at school. We have talked to these parents, and they side with their children. What else can we do?'

- stunned in sacramento-

Hey abby, why don't i take this one. . . . . . beat them. Beat the students, then go to their parents and beat them. I really don't understand why you would think a religious elementary school would be different than a public one. A 10 year old turd sandwich is a 10 year old turd sandwich, regardless of where said turd sandwich attends school.

The fact is. kids these days are little shit heads (sorry mom), that take for granted anything they can get their tiny little grubby fingers on. They need to be punished, and not in the finger-wag sort of way. Stunned, do your self a favor and give up. In fact, you might as well stop teaching because they're probably not listening to anything you have to say.

Anyway, good luck.

- matt the awesome -

So, if you're psyched on this change and you have some questions, shoot me an email at I'm really good at being brutally honest. Or don't. i don't care.

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