Saturday, December 18, 2010

Infidelity: Funny and Great for Candy Bar Sales

Saturday is a double post day. Who knows. It might even be a triple post. It might even be a quadruple post day. It might even be a quintuple post day. . .Ug. Probably not.

Anyway, i had conversation with my roomies this morning and it turned into something great. I added about 5 new things to my "list of hate and confusion" which essentially drives this blog. One thing that was particularly baffling was a twix commerical. You might have seen it. You might not have seen it. Basically, a guy gets caught cheating on his girlfriend/wife/girl he's cheating on his wife or girlfriend with (that's a double cheat) and he doesn't know what to do, so he eats a twix bar, and this somehow stops time for everyone else, giving him the opportunity to come up with a good excuse.

Oh twix. You are just the classiest of all the candy bars. Infidelity is so funny. It's not like it's a problem these days. It's not like it might be a reason that children grow up in broken homes, thus leading to more social problems. Noooooo. What? No way. infidelity is funny. Plus, it tastes like chocolate and caramel with a crispy, crunchy, cookie-like interior. Dang. I'm going to go get a twix right now.

Well. It worked. I never thought advertising candy using morally questionable relationship tactics would be a selling point, but they did it. I'm really looking forward to their next ad campaign. I got a sneak preview since i'm in the business of being awesome, and i'm going to give you a little hint. It involves a fatal stabbing of a teenager, getting caught, and using a twix to come up with an excuse. So funny. Need a moment? ha! So funny.

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