Thursday, December 23, 2010

Facebook Birthdays: Attention Whores

We all know that facebook is the biggest ego trip ever. At least that's what i use mine for. It makes me feel good to know that 7 people liked my status about how i hate sarah palin's "reality" show. It shouldn't make me feel good, but it does. However, i choose to not share my birthday with everyone because i feel like only my real friends should congratulate me for not dying another year. That's why it drives me nuts to stalk somebody and have 4 million birthday messages from people who barely know that person. Get real. Like you legitimately care that they're having a birthday? Ug. It makes me sick.

If somebody does have a birthday, i like to just write on their wall in between all of the other "happy birthdays" saying how much i hope they have a miserable regular day. That's what makes me a terrible person. I refuse to acknowledge facebook birthdays. Mostly because they're not real.

If you really cared, you'd just pick up the effing phone and make a call. Or, maybe even visit them. Ok, I understand if you live far away and for some reason, you don't have a phone and only have access to facebook, but why do you just have to write "happy birthday" on their wall? Why don't you send them a message with maybe a little bit more than that? Like "hey, i just wanted to say happy birthday and i just found out i have herpes, so you might want to get checked." You know? Something with substance.

Anyway, this is a very disheveled post and i apologize, but it's the holidays and i have better things to do than write these stupid posts. So eff you to all you people who forget my birthday this coming year, which will probably be the majority of you.


Lyssa said...

When is your birthday? I'm kind of afraid to miss it.

MindySue said...

OH MY GOSH. We are the same person. I just didn't realize it till now.