Friday, December 3, 2010

Pet Peeve #1573: Uncomfortable Facebook Profile Pictures

Short Post!

Do you know what bugs me? Everything. But also when facebook profile pictures cut someone out. There is a picture of the person, and maybe an awkward leg, or an arm or half a face. I mean, why don't you just use the whole thing. If you don't like that person that much, then just use a different picture. You probably have more than one.

I'll admit that i have one picture like that, but it's only because i did it on purpose as a joke. And it was funny. I see too many of these things (probably because i'm on facebook too much). If you're really that embarrassed of the person, maybe you a) shouldn't be friends with them. . . . . . .actually, that's it. You shouldn't be friends with them. It's time to do some defriending. I guess it could also be an ex girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/fiancé/boss and you don't want to be seen with them, but once again, just use another picture. "but my hair looks so good in that photo". Yeah, it does look nice. It goes well with that random arm around your shoulder.

Ok, i think i really have a problem with it because then it becomes an uncomfortable photo for me to look at. I'm very kind of OCD and when you cut someone out, the crop becomes bad, or the lines draw your eye away from the subject. Basically, it becomes a crappy photo. Yes, i realize it's just a facebook photo and i should ease up, but i mean, just don't use them. Do everyone a favor and choose something else.


MindySue said...

I'm so glad you think so. That's why I need you to take my picture so that I have SOMETHING to put in BusyBee magazine besides a picture of myself where that extra person was photoshopped out.

Book your flight. ;)

Anonymous said...

While I also hate seeing the occasional disembodied hand, shoulder or leg, I have to say that I would rather see those unfortunate photogs than the overly emotional fbook status from miss Suzie Q about how her BF Jon Doe cheated on her or some other highly tumultuous nonsense that doesn't really matter. It is such a shame that everyday etiquette concerning personal matters and photo cropping doesn't apply to facebook.