Friday, December 10, 2010

Poshtots: Like Tater Tots, but More Expensive, and Less Useful.

Poshtots. Google it. It's disgusting. About as disgusting as tomatoes. Ok, I realize that not everybody hates tomatoes as much as i do, so i guess just imagine the most disgusting thing in the world. Throw up. Put it in a bag with whatever it is you imagined, add corn and you'll get something as disgusting as poshtots. I feel terrible for even posting a link to it, but it's worth one viewing. Sort of like at a funeral where you walk by the casket. You take one look and move on, but the fact is, you looked at a dead person.

Anyway. . . . if you were smart and didn't look, poshtots is essentially designer baby/children stuff, but on a much more ridiculous scale, such as this, which, if you once again didn't look, is a little princess bed/castle for a meager $15,000. What? That's it? Chump change. I mean, when i have kids, they're going to sleep in ferraris. "Matt jr., i told you for the sixth time, go back to your ferrari and go to sleep. If i have to ask you one more time, i'm going to make you sleep in the porsche, or worse, the Bronco II". "No, daddy, nooooooooooo". . . .

Anyway. . . . I'm just not sure what people are thinking when they choose to buy their children this crap. Actually, i'm sure it goes something like this short sequence.

1. I have so much money, i don't know what to do with it.
2. I don't want to help people, i'd rather spoil my children and help them to grow up and become snotty little turd sandwiches.
3. What should i buy?
4. Maybe a castle?
5. Maybe a bed?
6. Maybe a bed inside of a castle?
7. Probably should make it pink.
8. Oh, i need to pick up some cocaine before i run to the store.

I'd imagine that it's something like that, but maybe more extreme.

Irregardless (next post: common misspelling of words) of what they were thinking, it just shows that people have too much money. Maybe obama is on to something. People who spend money on stuff like that don't deserve to manage their funds, and we should take it from them. And after we take it from them, we should choose what they should do for work. And we should take their guns. And then euthanize them. And that reminds me. I need to sign up to be on a death panel. Mo money mo problems!

p.s. in irregards to the death panel. . . i take bribes.
p.p.s. if you want to reread that last paragraph, feel free to insert a glenn beck joke at any point. i'm sure it will be funny.


MindySue said...

My girls stared at that bed with open mouths and very hungry eyes. I had to explain to them that it cost as much as our car. Then I showed them the 22,000 one. And the 47,000 one. Kaisa said "Don't they understand if they cost less, more people will BUY them?!" My little economist. Here's the link to the $47,000 one.

I have to say though...if I found one of these for a reasonable price I would totally buy it for my girls.

Lyssa said...

Dude. It's the price of a car AND there's assembly required. I'm not paying that much to assemble it myself. Freak, could make that thing. If I really wanted to. Which I don't.