Saturday, December 11, 2010

TMIOFBAOILP: Too Much Information on Facebook and Other Internet-Like Places

I just erased a blog post on "insert dumb thing to write about". Don't fret. It was dumb. OK, it was more dumb than all my other posts combined. I was about to give up hope, but an anonymous comment was posted on one of my posts and it made me think about posting more posts on postable things, such as. . . . too much information on facebook. . . . . . post.

Actually, i'm just curious as to the benefits of being anonymous. Is it because it won't allow you to put a name or are you embarrassed to be seen on my blog? Is it really that bad of a blog?

Anyway, too much information on facebook.

I feel like i've posted about this before and a quick search of my blog would probably tell me that i have, but, as i'm a lazy person, i'm just going to repost. . . . or post a new one. Post.

I hate when people post these incredibly personal status updates, like "OMG, just found out i have herpes", or "OMG, just found out my baby's daddy isn't who i thought he was. . . opps", or "OMG, can't believe my girlfriend so-and-so cheated on me (thanks anonymous), or "why do people keep saying we landed on the moon? We obviously didn't", or "i have to poop". Ok ok ok, enough. You get the picture. What possesses people to write that stuff on the internet for tens of people to see?

I'll tell you what possesses people. Facebookitis: Inflammation of the facebook, meaning said person feels as if facebook isn't actually populated with real people, but with fake people, which leads to these "confession" type status updates. It's almost as if they believe facebook to be a personal diary, when in fact, it's not.

For all you "people" that feel this way, there is a cure. It's called ibustopit. It's an all natural pill that will put an end to these delusional thoughts. Side effects might be me coming to your house and eagle punching you (punch to the baby maker, guys or girls), or you might get diarrhea. One or the other.

If you must post these annoying updates, know that you will lose friends in real life as well as your internet life. Oh the choices we have to make in life.

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Anonymous said...

The reason for anonymity is more of a Batman/Bruce Wayne thing... Clearly.
Wait a minute. I am not a blog commenting super hero (actually I probably am, I just haven't been bitten by my radioactive blog spider yet) so therefore since you enquired the reason is that I don't own a google account, i don't like clicking on things that i don't know what they are, i.e. OpenID and Name/URL, and so I clicked the anonymous button before publishing my comment. You could ask why i didn't just type my name in the comment box, and I would have to respond that I didn't think about it, or subconsciously I did and was too embarrassed to own my comment so I blocked the thought out. Thanks for the shout-out though. I will admit that it made my opinion feel some what valid. -Shenelle