Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bonsai Trees: Tiny Adult Trees. . . I'm Sensing a Trend

Ok, i realize that this is going to be a stretch, but i'm not going to lie, i've been wracking my brain for positive things. I can't think of anything. My "friend" chad told me that this positivity blog wouldn't last long and he might be right. hopefully this is just a rough patch. I need to get in a positive groove. Ok, the other thing that i don't have going for me is the fact that people don't appreciate positive news. This is obviously true because when sitting down to watch the news, i don't grab tissues to dab my teary eyes, I get naked and prepare for a blood bath. Literally. 100% naked. Ask my roommates.

Anyway, bonsai trees.

I had one when i was younger (obviously not like the one above) and i thought it was the coolest thing on the planet, because, it is one of the coolest things on the planet. It's a tiny adult tree. . . kind of like. . . . . never mind. Ok, If you must know, i was going to say something clever about little people (dwarves) but i decided not to, but i might as well because i'm sure you're all imagining an incredibly clever, yet bigoted comment. If this was old matt, you would be right, but this isn't so stop thinking of me thinking of incredibly bigoted comments. Ug. Anyway.

The tree i had when i was younger didn't last long. Apparently they don't enjoy being set by open windows in the middle of winter. Apparently. As if i didn't know this. I was young. Cut me some slack. Cut it!!!

Ok, so the reason i'm writing about this is because i think they're really great trees, which is weird because i love cutting trees down. I LOVE cutting trees down. I think the only reason i don't want to cut these down is because it would take half a second. Kind of an unfulfilling half a second if you ask me. That's what she said. I also think that it would be a lot of fun to fill the tree full of the "barrel full of monkey" monkeys. or g.i. joes. One or the other. Or both. Or none. Or just cut it down. I don't care. . . . . . Sorry, that last part just slipped out. Old habits.


MindySue said...

Come up and visit! Our neighbor down the street has a huge tree that blew over (the top half of it anyway) in a giant windstorm several months ago. I'm assuming the he has neither the money nor the knowledge of how to clean it up because it's still there being proped up by the still-rooted part of the tree. You could cut it up in little would be so much fun!!

And maybe you should keep a little notebook (since you like little things) where you can jot down positive things as you think of them. I'm sure some of them would be positive enough for a blog.

Here's one: NAPS.

Matthew said...

oops, i forgot this.!

It's a gallery of bonsai trees. Kind of interesting.

Hayley Jo Reese said...

You can be positive and sarcastic!! I love sarcastic. Maybe try some satire? I don't know, but keep blogging! You're a great writer!

Lara said...

I seriously laughed out loud with a mouth full of Diet Pepsi when I read "That's what she said." I am no mopping up my sticky computer screen.

HABBS said...

What if i bought you a tiny chainsaw for the cutting of the trees. I heard they make posted note paper out of bonsai trees?