Monday, January 31, 2011

Great Apes: Creepy. Genuinely Creepy.

I'm cutting back on writing. I'm sorry. I know my mom and sister will be severely disappointed, and by severely disappointed, i mean not really notice at all. I'm only doing this because i want weekends to myself so hopefully it'll be a monday, wednesday, friday thing. We'll see.

Anyway. . . . .

It's settled. The evolution debate is no longer a debate. Man definitely evolved from this messed up gorilla. You can click on the link, but it's really disturbing. Not in a sexual or violent way. Not even in a satanic, or bumpit way. It's disturbing in a gorilla-walking-like-a-human sort of way.

I'm not going to lie to you. that video really creeps me out. I don't like seeing monkeys or apes or whatever walking on two legs like humans. I don't. It's just something weird that i really dislike seeing. it makes me uncomfortable. If i was EVER in the jungle and/or zoo and came across a band of gorillas and one stood up on two legs, i would freak the eff out. Freak. the. eff. out. It gives me the willies.

Seriously. It's on par with creepy dead japanese girls with long straight hair that covers their face. I would be fine if they stopped making those movies. And i would also be fine if i never again saw a gorilla walk on two legs.

It's just unnatural. Like watching people run around on all fours. It's uncomfortable because you're not sure if that person is just messing around or if they're legitimately a crazy person. Are they just being stupid or am i about to get stabbed in the face? I don't like those choices.

I don't necessarily dislike the fact that they're walking. Props to them for figuring it out. I dislike how they walk. It's this bizarre side-to-side saunter as if they're unbalanced. . . . . Thinking about this for a moment, i realized that they probably are just unbalanced. Maybe it's their proportion or the fact that they have hands for feet. . . . . Actually, it's definitely the fact that they have hands for feet. I guess i'd probably walk the same if i had hands for feet.

Anyway, speaking of creepy animals walking on their back legs when they shouldn't be. Here is a short story of creepy two legged dog walking on his or her back legs. Click here.

I'm going to be honest with you. It made me cry.


HABBS said...

I feel like that Marilla (man combined gorilla) had that planned all the time. If he would have had a newspaper in his hands he would have looked like someone waddling to the restroom.

Kira C. said...

..I thought it was kind of cute.

Bryan James said...

Just so you know, I hate great apes so much that I did not even read this post. Even the mention of them bothers me.
I'll tune back in when you get a better topic.